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Andrew Reynolds on Strike

April 16, 2014

Andrew Reynolds: We are excited to be here this weekend, I hope you are too.

But, I’ve had these bloody emails.

“Dear Andrew Reynolds, what about the postal strike? One of the things you teach us in your Cash on Demand course is to use direct mail, that’s one of the marketing methods, but we are screwed because there is 20 million letters held up in the Royal Mail at the moment. Twenty million letters! That would put us out of business.”

Well when we wanted to send out invitations for this Entrepreneurs Bootcamp and we knew that the Royal Mail had 20 million letters to go we went to TNT and we said “Could you deliver some Bootcamp invitations for us?” and they said “Of course, no problem.”

When we wanted to get the Bootcamp tickets out to you we sent them by Fedex, it cost me about £21,000 but we did it.

There are alternatives.

Listen, postal strikes are kind of part of the British psyche. In 1999 when I was first setting my business up there was a postal strike. In 2000 there was a postal strike, in 2001 there was a postal strike. In 2002 the postal workers voted to have a strike but called it off. But they got back on keel, 2003, four, five, six, seven and eight there was a postal strike, this year we are going to have one as well. Is that going to put you off? Because in that time, despite the postal strikes, despite using direct mail, I pulled in £50 million, doing what I’m teaching you. Does that put you off?

I’ve had some other emails…

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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