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Andrew Reynolds Key to Fantastic Cash on Demand Profits

April 17, 2014

The Cash on Demand System Is The Creation Of Businessman Of The Year, And Multi-Millionaire Andrew Reynolds…

With his Cash on Demand course, Andrew Reynolds teaches his students the secret code to unlocking riches. That secret code he refers to is the Cash on Demand Copywriting System.

The key elements to unlocking the power of writing great copy is…THE HEADLINE!

Write brilliant headlines every time you send out marketing copy and you’ll bring in Big Financial Rewards.

And the best part of this system is that Andrew Reynolds shows you HOW TO MAKE IT EASY to write both attention grabbing headlines and great copy.

First, I’ll tell you how Andrew Reynolds makes it easy to write those all important attention grabbing headlines…because they are the single biggest influence on the success of your whole Cash on Demand business. It’s what Andrew Reynolds calls the Master Switch.

Sales copy, whether it’s a sales letter, an advert, editorial in a magazine, a brochure, whatever form your sales copy takes…it takes the place of you telling people face to face about the benefits of your product. It is YOUR sales patter, in written words instead of speech. It is your silent salesman if you like.

Andrew Reynolds is a Multi-Millionaire, who has done well over £30,000,000 of business through his Cash on Demand system. He’s done it TOTALLY through the effectiveness of sales copy…his silent salesman.

And he attributes that phenomenal success to the main element, the Master Switch, great headlines.

Andrew Reynolds always stresses to his students how vitally important it is that they realise how crucial it is to be able to create Cash on Demand style headlines. It’s the reason he drums on about it…miss on doing this and you’re wasting time, energy and money.

To put this into more practical terms…

It’s the Cash on Demand copy that Andrew Reynolds uses that’s responsible for the money that pours into his bank account…an average of an astonishing £52,000 to £55,000 PER WEEK…EVERY WEEK…for the PAST TEN YEARS….

It is the HEADLINE…the ‘Hook’ that has been largely responsible for this success. A great headline grabs ATTENTION and creates DESIRE in a reader’s mind within the first few seconds. It also puts them instantly into a buying mood.

As Andrew Reynolds explains, 90% pf the success or failure of your product letter/web site is down to the headline.

An added bonus from your point of view is once you have a great headline as a starting point the rest of the copy is easier to write.

So how do you write Great Headlines?…

Straight away I can dispel any myths or visions you may have of someone sitting there chewing the end of a pencil and staring at a blank page or sitting at a computer, staring at a blank screen. No way! Don’t even think about writing a headline like this. You don’t have to ‘magically’ think up a headline…you don’t have to wait for one to pop into your head.

This is the secret code Cash on Demand method…the easy route…

You first get inspired. All the savvy Cash on Demand students and marketers will have a Headline Swipe File…their personal collection of great headlines from all over the world. Headlines that have proven they work.

As all Cash on Demand students know, they are not to be copied. These headlines are instead a springboard to your own new ideas. Because great headlines can be adapted into different contexts, re-worded and re-used time and time again.

So if you don’t already have a Headline Swipe File, you should start one. Anytime someone’s promotion pulls in big money, save their headlines into your swipe file. If you also categorise these headlines, it makes it easier to find the right niche market to use for your own promotion.

Here’s an example…let’s suppose you were marketing a money-making type of Cash on Demand product. You create a category ‘money’ and under that, in that section of the file or in a separate file you collect all of your headlines from successful products in the niche market of making money. It simply saves you hours of sifting through paperwork you don’t need at that time.

Just in case you’re not totally clear about this, you’re not going to infringe copyright, because you don’t copy any of these headlines exactly. You simply use the swipe file of headlines to kick start your own thought processes and adapt or reword to suit your own project.

It’s the best way to write powerful copy quickly, especially if you are new to writing sales copy.

As Andrew Reynolds points out to his students, that by using this method, you automatically begin training your mind to write great copy because you’re focusing on the best headlines.

It may surprise you to know that even the top copywriters use this method. For example a good friend of Andrew Reynolds, Ted Nicholas, used the power of headlines in a book he put together which basically consisted of ready-made tax forms.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, a dull subject to sell…so instead of calling it something like, ‘The Tax Form Kit’ this was the headline of his Ad/Sales Letter …

“What Will You Do When the IRS Suddenly WIPES Out Your
Corporation’s Tax Shelter Benefits?”

(The IRS being the US equivalent of our Inland Revenue of course)

Ted Nicholas sold a whopping 350,000 COPIES of this book alone at about £50 A COPY. All thanks to his simple Cash on Demand style headline.

That’s £17,500,000 … yep, £17.5 MILLION POUNDS … for a little book of BORING FORMS!

Let’s face it, if he’d given it a title (which would also have been the headline of his Ad) of something like, ‘Book of Tax Forms’, he’d have been jolly lucky to have sold 35 copies.

An incredible difference to the 350,000 copies he did sell.

That demonstrates the importance of getting the headline/title just right. It is as Andrew Reynolds explains the Key component or if you prefer the master switch for your entire Cash on Demand business.

Right, onto the process. If you’ve never before tried to create your own headline or used a swipe file, let me assure you it’s easy and what’s more it is fun!

Don’t get hung up on this part of the business being one of the greatest influences on your marketing results and don’t beat yourself up with trying to get the perfect headline straight away. Play around with a few headlines from your swipe file. Have fun brainstorming. Think laterally, it doesn’t matter how crazy or unrealistic your headline sounds at first…you change it into something you eventually decide is what you want.

What you want of course is a Compelling Headline which fits your particular project.

And a headline becomes compelling when it touches the emotions of the reader.

In other words the Best Cash on Demand headlines, capture each reader, because it awakens an emotional response.

Your aim is to create headlines that evoke a warm feeling, or excitement in the reader. And the best way to achieve this is to target a headline to the readers wants and desires. The more you can speak to a reader’s heartfelt desires, the more effective it will be.

Let’s give you some examples. Suppose you wanted to create a heading for people who wanted to have more confidence when they speak or when they give a presentation.

“How to Get a Standing Ovation
EVERY Time YOU Make a Speech…”
“Even if you’ve NEVER given a speech before…”

That’s going to hit your targets emotionally straight away.

The simplest method of working out a great headline that speaks to the heart of your readers is to put yourself in their shoes. Imagine you are in their position.

Ask yourself, “What is he/she really looking for?” “What do they really want?”

This makes certain you write a headline that contains what the readers want to hear. You will know what the readers want, so your headline will tell them exactly what they want to hear. It will press their HOT buttons…because your headline will be about the benefits they want.

It’s the benefits that cause an emotive response on the part of the reader. It’s not features.

Here’s another example Andrew Reynolds gives his Cash on Demand students…

Let’s suppose you have the rights to a home study course which is about all the possible ways you could pay less tax. You might initially title it…

Tax Law Home Study Course – Understanding Why We Are Taxed The Amount We Are!

If this was the title of the course, it’s definitely not going to make a good Cash on Demand headline for your sales letter or web site. I mean would it excite you? Would it evoke warmth? Not one jot!!

So, here’s what you do…

You pull out a few headlines from your headline swipe file. You play around by talking elements from several headlines.

Let’s suppose you pull out 4 headlines and they are…

HEADLINE 1: “How To SLASH Your Debt In HALF In A Single Month.…”

HEADLINE 2:“How You Can Join an Opportunity That Made Six-Figures in 60 Days! Now, YOU can KEEP 50% OF THE PROFITS on this amazing money-maker…”


HEADLINE 4: “10 Tax LOOPHOLES Your Accountant Doesn’t Even Know About …”

If you took bits and pieces from these 4 headlines you would end up with something like this…from a pretty boring…

Tax Law Home Study Course – Understanding Why We Are Taxed The Amount We Are!

To something like this…

“Did you Know You Can SLASH your Tax Bill in HALF?
You keep 50% of YOUR PROFITS…

Here’s the information the government DOESN’T want You To Know…
And THE Secret Tax Loopholes your Accountants DON’T know about…”

Easy isn’t it?

By using your Headline Swipe File and selecting words or phrases from different headlines you can create a totally new, and unique emotive Cash on Demand headline WITHOUT too much thought on your part.

You can do it WITHOUT having to stare blankly at your computer screen or a blank piece of paper, waiting for a flash of inspiration.

This is exactly what Andrew Reynolds does and many other top marketers and top copywriters.

You’ve just gone to your Cash On Demand Headline Swipe File … played around a little … and moulded a powerful compelling headline with ease.

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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