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Andrew Reynolds Demonstrates How to Build a Customer Database from FREE Advertising in his Cash on Demand system

April 22, 2014

Multi-Millionaire and Businessman of the Year, Andrew Reynolds is the Author of the Best Selling Cash On Demand Home Study Course…

The first part of the Cash on Demand system deals with how to build a customer database. Modules one to six of the Cash on Demand course go through this in great detail. However Andrew Reynolds can tell you a bit about one of the cheapest ways to start building a customer database… FREE advertising…

First of all there are three methods to start your Cash on Demand business. They are: Free publicity; small ads and direct response marketing. All of these three methods can be either online or offline…even the FREE publicity route.

In module six of Cash on Demand Andrew Reynolds shows in depth, how to get free publicity and uses a live example of a lady who was selling a physical product.

The reason Andrew Reynolds wants to cover this, is because a lot of people read module six and email Andrew with this type of thing… “Great I’ve just done a deal on some little gizmo widget thing and I’m going to sell that.” And as Andrew Reynolds tells them, “No you’ve missed the point. The point here is I want you to sell paper products, digital products and workshops.”

However, Andrew Reynolds wants you to use the same techniques that this woman used to sell her little gadget. Just to help it to all make sense to you, this woman wanted to sell a banana guard. It was an invention for the kids that take a banana to school and it gets squashed. So she had this little banana guard which prevented this.

The bottom line is that she got a write up in the Sun about this banana guard. And she got write ups in lots of magazines and it amounted to masses and masses of free publicity. Because in her little press release that she sent out it had her web address. So, each time the article about her banana guard appeared in a magazine, she was also advertising her website where people could go to order their banana guard.

How did she do this? Well it’s like this…editors need to fill up a lot of space. It has to be right for their readers. But if it is, if you send them in details of some product or whatever, which targets their readers the editors will often print it.

As Andrew Reynolds explains in the Cash on Demand course, this woman sold thousands of her little gadget and all through free publicity. They put it out around Christmas time and she got a load of orders. They put it out through the year and she got more orders. In fact, she started a complete business using free publicity. She never spent a penny, apart from the stamps that she put on the envelopes to send out a press release to people. She just wrote a silly little story about the banana guard, sent it out and they all printed it, loved it.

In one of the bonus Cash on Demand modules, Andrew Reynolds shows you an amazing example of how a personal trainer got instant free publicity. In fact, he is Andrew Reynolds personal trainer and one day when they were out jogging, Andrew was telling his trainer, Mike, how he had made so much money from free advertising. And Mike didn’t believe it would work for him, because he didn’t have a Cash on Demand business he was a trainer. Well, they had a wager and Andrew Reynolds set about proving to Mike that he COULD get Cash on Demand style free advertising no matter what business you were in.

They sent out a little press release…..and got Mike into Sainsbury’s magazine, ‘You are What You Eat’, ‘Prima’ magazine and ‘Zest’ magazine. Each magazine printed a full article on Mike and what he did for people through his method of exercise, healthy eating and other methods to do with fitness.

And when Andrew Reynolds and his trainer Mike worked it out, the editorial space they had in all of those magazines, for the same space in advertising, would have cost them £117,000. They literally got £117,000 worth of free advertising and all it cost was a few stamps. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’ve already gone past module six of Cash on Demand go back and have a look it tells you exactly how to do it. It even gives you the press release that the woman sent out to sell that banana guard. Free publicity.

Small ads, online or offline… Andrew Reynolds covers this in great detail in modules four and five of the Cash on Demand course. If you are not on Cash on Demand yet click here.

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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