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Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand

Andrew Reynolds: How many people are…? Can we just have a show of hands? How many people are subscribers to Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system? I think the majority of people in the room, yeah? If you’re not a – if you’re not a subscriber to the Cash on Demand system, jot down your name, address and telephone number on a piece of paper, hand it to the desk out the front, and they’ll send you a package in the post. You do need to be , a subscriber to the Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system because, what, what we’re going to try and do this weekend will complement the contents of the course. It’s not a complete substitute for – it’s to complement it, okay?

I mean, there are things in Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand system, for example, where it takes two hours just to teach you one little thing on a DVD. I thought it would be wrong of me to come up here and do that two hours when all you’ve got to do is actually watch the DVD. So what we’re going to do, we’re cramming everything into this weekend to complement what we’re doing in Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand course. Okay, let’s get started. When I was sat in that seminar ten years ago, I had one of those light bulb moments. Because I’d come from this retailing, house-building background and thought “Yeah, this, this guy’s actually on to something.” Jot these things down.

This guy at the front was telling me about this little business he was running from home making thirty, forty thousand dollars a month working from home. He told me about high margins. If you’re going to get into this business you need to have high margins. I’m going to show you products later on where the cost, the total cost of the product, to get it to your customer, is about fifty pounds and it sells for five thousand pounds. It’s not like poor old dad Reynolds in his shop, buying a packet of screws, marking it up by thirty three and a third and trying to make some money. The margins on products we teach you in Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course are huge margins. You need big margins. You need low marketing costs.

We’re going to show you some very, very low marketing costs. In Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand course we teach you a free marketing, marketing system. You don’t want to have large overheads. I mean, poor old dad and grandfather Reynolds, they both took on overheads. They both took on premises. They both took on staff. They both took on loads of stock. The Cash on Demand business that we’re going to teach you this weekend is portable. You don’t have to have large stocks of product. I’ll show you how, today, if you’re selling, for example, a CD product, when you get an order you run a copy off for the customer. You don’t have to have a whole warehouse full of product. There is definitely no waiting around for your customers. There’s none of this sitting by the till waiting for the money to come in.

The money comes in the till whether you’re there or if you’re on the beach. And this whole Cash on Demand business model, using fulfilment houses, can be run on autopilot, and we’ll cover that this weekend. You see, the retail model that I’d grown up with was very much like this. That’s a typical year in retail. Poor old dad would sit in his shop and the sales would come in and you’d get highs and lows, depending on the seasons. But, he had to be sat there every single day of the, of the year, virtually. He used to take Sundays off. But that’s the typical graph for a retail establishment. You have to be in that shop. I mean, dad, we, we hardly took holidays when I was a kid. Dad couldn’t afford to take holidays because he couldn’t afford to shut the Reynolds shop. If he shut the shop, the bank don’t get paid. That is so different to the Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand model.

That’s the model we’re teaching you this weekend. The Cash on Demand system means we can do a project earlier in the year. Oh, actually, a little tip for you. Jot this down. If you promote something – let’s say, for example, you did, I don’t know, a direct mail piece. If you sent that direct mail piece out for this first offer and it pulled in, what’s that – forty five thousand pounds? If you mail exactly the same list of people with exactly the same offer, you’ll get another fifty per cent. Crazy, right? You send an offer. You say “Send me the cash”. They do. Oh, well, we’ll leave it alone then shall we? Or shall we send it out again because we’ll get, actually, another fifty per cent? I mean, a number of Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand students in the room, it took me two goes to get you to sign up and send some money to Great Ormond Street.

I sent you an invitation. Didn’t happen. Send you another one. “Andrew, I just had your invitation. Fantastic.” Don’t know whether it got lost in the post Andrew. Don’t know what happened. But people respond on a second attempt. So, always put it out twice. Does that make sense? For those people that aren’t subscribers to the Cash on Demand course, can I just go to the overhead projector for a second? It’s probably just worth reminding ourselves of the business model so that we’re all on the same page. Draw a funnel. For seasoned Cash on Demand students I’m sorry. This is going to be boring to you. But it’s worth repeating. Draw a little funnel shape. The whole business that we have here works by you putting a lot of people into the top of your funnel. With what Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand marketers call a “front-end product”. Front-end product. For, say, sixty nine ninety five. A little front-end product with a thirty day money back guarantee.

Having acquired those customers we then offer those people what’s called a “back-end product”. I don’t know whether that’s an American term, but it’s one we use. A back-end product. Back-end product can be almost any price. Typically, we sell back-end products at around six hundred and ninety seven pounds plus VAT. But, I mean, we’ve had back-end products that, you know, that can be several thousand pounds. And having acquired these customers, those are your customers. You can write to them as many times as you like. Hi, its Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand  author here, we have other products for you. We have a three nine nine seven in some of the niches that we operate the Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand system in. Bearing in mind your cost on that product at three nine nine seven, is probably around fifty quid. Can you see how we make money?

The above extract is from a live presentation on stage in Bournemouth at an event for Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand

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Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.


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