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Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand System is No-Fuss Simplicity

April 22, 2014

Andrew Reynolds has asked me to talk to you about the Cash on Demand system business route. As he explained from time to time he has to remind his Cash on Demand students why they chose the route in the first place. It is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture by fussing about the details of the admin of a business.

Let’s face it, it’s EASY to charge around sorting out your home office, racing off to some office suppliers and buying the stationery, the paperclips, staplers and a nice Captains chair and a brand new desk. Oh and then you decide you need a shiny new filing cabinet and some shelves to take your brand new box files. You think you’re going to need those after all there will be loads of paperwork from all the sales brought in by launching the Cash on Demand System.

You might even sit in your new chair at your new desk and pick up a bundle of papers, yup, now we’re in business, now you’ve got all of this stuff. You can so easily kid yourself into thinking that you ARE IN BUSINESS.

And you open up your computer and log onto the Internet and you wait….and you wait… and you get up and make a cup of coffee and then you wait a bit more for something to happen…

But NOTHING will happen!

Even if you put up an OPEN sign…guess what…nobody will come. As Andrew Reynolds will tell you in his Cash on Demand System …the world has not been waiting patiently for you to open your new business. People are not forming an orderly queue to visit you or to view your products and Why?

Because they have NO idea WHO you are, or WHAT you do.

You can take your friends on a tour of your office area, and hand out your new business cards with the proclamation that you’re the Chairman of XYZ Plc – but it still won’t pull in any money.

As Andrew Reynolds explains in the Cash on Demand System, he often has to say at this point, “You think I’m kidding. But I am deadly serious.”

You see, Andrew Reynolds has seen so many people he teaches, students of his Cash on Demand, who have totally ignored what he has taught them and they spend all their time and resources on getting set up.

The early Modules of the Cash on Demand system course DON’T cover all the boring admin side for a solid reason.

Andrew Reynolds wants his students to learn the Cash on Demand model first…which is all about learning how to make money and he has made over £50million with his Cash on Demand business, so he is qualified to teach this to others. Then and only then when you are ready to trade, should he even mention stuff like, “Should I register for VAT?”

In the monthly Modules of Cash On demand – among other things – you’ll learn:

  • How the Cash On Demand system of funneling works
  • How to put together a ‘front end’ product
  • How to secure licenses to front and back end products
  • How to advertise those products in low cost newspaper ads
  • How to use free publicity to promote your product
  • How to do joint ventures with others
  • How to set up a Cash On Demand system style website
  • “Hungry crowds” and where to find them

As you can see, the early stages of the Cash On Demand course show you in detail how this type of business works.

More importantly, Andrew Reynolds also tries to show you how this Cash On Demand system of doing business can bring you a different lifestyle – a freedom that normal businesses simply can’t offer.

It’s only after you’ve taken all of that on board do we then need to talk about setting up… registering for VAT – or not – training as a Ltd company or a sole trader… and all the mundane background stuff.

None of that will make you money… its just back-room admin…

First you need to learn how a Cash on Demand system, for doing business works. Please click here for Cash on Demand System details.

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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