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Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand System Can Get You £117,000 of Free Advertising

April 22, 2014

Excerpts by a student of Award winning businessman Andrew Reynolds on the live talk at the World Internet Summit…

After his seminars, Andrew Reynolds often gets chatting to his students in the bar or the restaurant. And I asked Andrew how he got started. As one of the other students was saying, you get this impression that he must been a super confident guy to just go out there and ask for joint ventures with people.

But the truth is Andrew Reynolds was really shy when he started his business. He explained that he couldn’t believe in himself, he had this tatty old 486 computer and a clackety-clack printer in his bedroom. And that was him being in business. And he used to think there’s no way he could go to somebody and say, “Would you do a joint venture and put it out to your list for me?” As Andrew said, they didn’t know me from Adam, I was just this little guy who sat in his bedroom typing away on an old 486.

Then Andrew Reynolds told us exactly HOW he DID start his Cash on Demand business…

He used some really, really cheap methods to start building his customer list. And then once he got a bit of track record then he want to different people and told them he had this product and every time he put it out, he makes three times the money. Or four times the money, whichever it was. And as Andrew Reynolds will tell you, immediately that caught their attention.

But, of course you need that kick start first. And this is how Andrew Reynolds got that kick start. He went to America to a seminar. He had no product, no database of clients. What’s more, he had absolutely no clue on what he was doing.

The first move he made was to place a tiny little ad in a newspaper.

Then he was shown something else that was free. It was a method to get a whole pile of advertising for free. And that would start building the customer list. Andrew Reynolds went on to demonstrate how you do that. He took a recent example, because despite the fact that Andrew and some of his students and other people he works with being Multi-millionaires, as he explains we’re all just ordinary people.

So, this example he gave us was of a very ordinary guy. A guy who happens to be Andrew Reynolds personal trainer. An ordinary guy, 62 years old, who’s done loads of jobs and stuff in the past, he’s like the bloke you meet down the pub. But, this guy knows a hell of a lot about nutrition. He knows loads about fitness and how to lose weight. He helped Andrew lose about a stone in the last month.

The name of Andrew Reynolds personal trainer was Mike. And Andrew explained that Mike knows about health and fitness, he takes you walking, jogging and all sorts of stuff, but he’s not a marketing guru, in fact he knows diddly squat about it. And one day Andrew was telling Mike how he used free publicity to get his business started to bring in literally thousands and thousands of orders. And his trainer, Mike turned around and said , “Ah, but it won’t work for me because I’m a personal trainer. You couldn’t get me free publicity.”

So they had a wager. And they put into action all of the free publicity methods that Andrew Reynolds teaches on his Cash on Demand course.

They started in January this year. They got Mike a three-page spread in the Celebs magazine… ‘Prima’ magazine, I think it’s one of the Daily Mirror newspaper magazines. They sent somebody down to meet Mike and they didn’t want to do photographs because he’s 62, so they sent a graphic artist. And they asked Mike to demonstrate exercises while the interviewer’s colleague, took sketches.

Mike got a three page spread on his exercises and all through the editorial it was, “If you want to learn more about this, you go to Mike the Trainer at his website.”

Mike didn’t have to pay a thing for appearing in this high profile magazine. The publisher’s sent the interviewer and the graphic artist to Mike…he didn’t even have to go them, they traveled to his place, and it didn’t cost Mike a PENNY.

The statistics according to the PR people in this country is that you get SIX times more response if you appear in an article within a magazine as opposed to an advertisement, because the magazine’s endorsing this guy. They’re in effect saying, “If you want to get fit, this is the guy we recommend. Here’s his website.”

That’s a BIG deal, it’s a fantastic TESTIMONIAL.

But this wasn’t the only free advertising that was achieved as part of Andrew and Mike’s wager. They also got a single page in Sainsbury’s magazine. Yes, you did read that right, a single page, an ENTIRE page in Sainsbury’s magazine. And this is how…

The article was a case history of a lady client that Mike had taken from being totally unwell to radiant fitness. This lady had been taking all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs on the NHS and she had a very poor diet. She literally was a very unwell lady. And Mike turned her life around through diet, nutrition and exercise. The Sainsbury’s magazine people sent a photographer down to take her picture, they told her story and they explained that the expert that had sorted her life out was this guy at this website.

Fantastic FREE advertising!

Here’s another, they did, ‘You Are What You Eat’ magazine. What an endorsement that is! Again, Mike’s web address was given.

And another interview was for ‘Your’ magazine. The readership of this magazine is normally people over the age of 50. A lot of Mike’s clients are of this age and over. So, Mike gave the magazine an article on ‘Weight Loss Secrets for Women over 50’. There were ‘Twenty-one Weight Loss Secrets’, each one from Mike. Again his web address was published along with the article.

Mike also got a double page spread in ‘Zest’ Magazine. They sent a journalist down who talked to Mike and again all for free. Mike didn’t pay a penny and yet he got a double page spread.

Remember, this is Andrew Reynolds proving to his personal trainer, Mike that you can get FREE advertising no matter what line of business you’re in. And it can be done simply by using the marketing methods that Andrew Reynolds trains his students in, through his Cash on Demand system.

Consider how important this free advertising was to Mike. ‘Zest’ magazine has a readership of 255,000 people. If Mike had taken out their rate card for that ad space, it would have cost around £2,055 for that much space.

Here are some of the other charges…’You Are What You Eat magazine, £1,312.50 is what they would have charged for that space in that magazine. ‘Yours magazine’, £5,475 for the spread they did. The Celebs magazine goes out to 3.8 million people. This magazine is saying this is the expert in this field here’s his website address to 3.8 million people. That would have cost £19,500.

Sainsbury’s magazine has two point nine million readers and an advert with the same spread as Mike’s article, would have cost £17,640. ‘Prima’ magazine have eight hundred and fifty thousand subscribers. £71,950 for that space they got.

So they got Mike the equivalent of £117,000 worth of advertising for free just using what Andrew Reynolds teaches on the Cash On Demand course……

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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