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Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand Route to Gain Freedom and Make Serious Money

April 17, 2014

A Student of the Entrepreneur and Self Made Millionaire Andrew Reynolds Foremost Home Study Course Cash on Demand Talks About An Important Extract…

Andrew Reynolds tells it straight from the hip, and it works for me. He is a Multi-Millionaire and as I journey towards that status, I listen to what he teaches. And this particular example story, summed it up for me, in fact it WAS me before I made a determined effort to change….

Just for a moment, think about the face of an old man gazing out of a window. He’s staring at the life going on below. Before I begin to tell you some of what Andrew Reynolds has taught me, and many other people, I want you to consider that it’s so easy to end up like that old man before you know it time has slipped away and you’re left out in the cold…literally…because the stark reality is that a huge percentage of people on a pension have to make this decision EVERY winter… “Do I buy food or go cold?”

Andrew Reynolds says how one day when he was strolling through a major UK city, he saw a little alleyway leading off the main High Street.

It was one of those little side streets with a few little shops either side and at the end you emerged onto a larger road. Andrew decided to investigate. He wandered into the alleyway.

On the right hand side there was a small glass fronted shop. Hanging down from above the shop side and spilling out onto the alleyway there were stacks of luggage, bags, cases and rucksacks of every sort you could imagine. The window display was filled with the same.

At that time, Andrew Reynolds was looking for a new laptop bag. He was on the lookout for one with wheels and a collapsible handle… he uses a large 17inch laptop and it can get quite heavy carrying around airports. He takes his laptop everywhere with him and runs his entire Cash on Demand business from it…and he explains anyone in this business can do the same.

The display caught his eye, so he stopped outside the shop and picked up the first large laptop bag he could see. Suddenly, the owner appeared at the door and engaged Andrew in conversation about the size of the bag, the material it was made from…and it had welded seams and airport handler-proof zips and solid corners and so he went on. He knew just about EVERYTHING there was to know about laptop bags!

But the point is this…before Andrew hardly realized it he was INSIDE THE SHOP. He was shown three options of bags before making a final decision on which one to buy. The one he chose, was £87, it was in black, had loads of pockets for documents, and all the bits and pieces that go with running an entire Cash on Demand business from a small hand luggage sized bag.

And while Andrew Reynolds was waiting for the PDQ to process his card payment the owner asked him if he’d bought from him before. Andrew explained he was just visiting the city.

Then this shopkeeper remarked that the shop had been there for 26 years and he thought Andrew might have purchased his last bag from them.

26 years? 26 YEARS!!!

That really got Andrew thinking. 26 years ago, imagine, space invaders was all the rage at that time, and PC’s weren’t even invented. Ronald Reagan was President and he got shot, DeLorean had just produced his first gull wing car and the first London Marathon was held…It seems a lifetime ago.

And Andrew Reynolds said he instantly had a flashback of when he was a kid. He could see himself as he used to stand behind the counter in his Dad’s little hardware store. And the memory was so vivid, of his Dad patiently waiting for HOURS for people to come into the store and to buy something.

In fact, Andrew explained that this memory flashed so quickly that when he suddenly snapped out of it, the shopkeeper of this alleyway shop had repeated his “26 years”. And a photograph proudly standing on the top of the counter was a black and white picture of the guy’s father. The man Andrew had just paid £87 to having recently taken over his father’s business. He had inherited a business that had taken him about fifteen minutes to earn him £87 towards the shop and stock overheads. Wages? Hmmm…

And between this father and son, they had stood in that shop for 6 days a week (and now 7 days), for over a QUARTER OF A CENTURY. Think about it. How many people in the first instance actually walk down that alley? And in the second instance, how many of those people actually want to buy a bag of some sort?

In other words, MOST people merely walk past. Imagine 26 years of that, of most people walking past, maybe glancing at your stock outside the shop as they saunter away.

26 YEARS of staring across the alleyway at the little Chinese takeaway only a few feet from their door.

What A Bloody Waste Of A Life!!

Don’t get me wrong, Andrew Reynolds is not being derisive in the slightest. Of course in many ways it’s something to be proud of … running your own shop. But when you really think about it, is it a life that you want for yourself or for your kids?

Here are the alternative choices…

Choice One – Stand in a shop for the next 26 years and stare out of the window waiting for people to come in with enough money to allow you to pay the rent, buy more stock, keep the VAT people happy, feed yourself and generally give you a subsistence level of living.

Choice Two – Run a Cash on Demand business on your laptop for 2 or 3 times a week, working 2 or 3 hours a day. The money you make is nearly all of yours to keep, because there isn’t any rent to pay on an office and you don’t need to buy loads of stock or pay staff.

Which would you choose? I know which one gets my vote!

As Andrew Reynolds said, it took him back to when he was a child, ‘keeping an eye out for customers’ and standing behind the counter waiting while his dad was bringing through stock or unloading his van.

His dad never made enough money from the hardware store to employ any full time staff, so he and his long suffering mum had to do everything themselves. Andrew watched both his mum and dad struggle all of their lives!

Andrew Reynolds has made his life so different and he wishes his parents could see that difference and share some of the good life with him. For example, when he typed some of his childhood story in his Cash on Demand course, he had just finished swimming in the pool at his home.

And as he says, he probably made MORE in a week WITHOUT even working than his Dad did in an entire year of working around the clock.

That’s the contrast between the life they had as kids in that hardware store, hanging around, waiting on the whim of passing customers and the lifestyle he has now. And that lifestyle he has now is all due to the incredible Cash on Demand business.

So, these thoughts were flashing through his mind at the luggage shop. It was the startling contrast in lives. The HUGE difference in the quality of life, the amount of freedom, between the guy sat in his shop up that alleyway, waiting to sell Andrew a laptop bag… and the way Andrew Reynolds lives his life, the guy who bought the laptop bag.

The shop guy STUCK in his shop and Andrew Reynolds traveling the world because he can wheel his entire business around with him.

And the other thought that struck Andrew so deeply, was the contrast between the two sons of shopkeepers. Andrew Reynolds said it made him shudder because it could so easily have been him working in a shop. He could have taken over the family business…the hardware store.

But, instead Andrew Reynolds escaped this fate. And he has made a promise that the next time he visits that city, he’s going to go down the alleyway and into the luggage shop and give this guy a present, he’s going to give him the Cash on Demand Modules, so he can see what alternatives there might be for him in life.

In case you’re wondering if there is a point to all of this, let me assure you there is and a vital one for you. Andrew Reynolds hopes that you make the right decision in your life. And you do exactly as Andrew did around ten years ago…embrace the philosophy of the Cash on Demand system. Time marches on. And if you simply skim through each Module and then put it away nothing will happen.

Life goes by so, so very quickly. PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T WASTE IT.

You may not have similar childhood experiences as Andrew Reynolds, but if you are still stuck in a job which demands all of your time for little reward consider the HUGE differences in lifestyle that we have been talking about in this article and understand the impact it makes on each person’s life and of their families.

Now you have the chance to do something constructive about turning your life around. Andrew Reynolds is on hand to teach you all he knows about the art of making serious money without sacrificing your freedom…in fact he shows you HOW TO GAIN YOUR FREEDOM AND STILL MAKE SERIOUS MONEY. You have the Cash on Demand business which can take you to the life you truly seek.

Cash on Demand business or not … remember life is to be lived. Don’t throw it away!

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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