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Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand course teaches the value of building a database

April 22, 2014

Andrew Reynolds, entrepreneur and Cash On Demand author, recently spoke live on stage about how to build a database of customers. One of his students took notes:

Andrew Reynolds presentation , was to compliment, to supplement his Cash on Demand monthly course. Right at the beginning, Andrew explained that he was not going to go through in detail because he covers loads of ground in modules one to six of the Cash on Demand course. But I have jotted down notes on the basics:

OK, so there are three ways that Andrew Reynolds shows in Cash on Demand to help you get up and running. Andrew teaches three distinct types of low cost marketing – including free publicity –small ads – and direct response marketing – both online or offline.

In module six of the Cash on Demand course he goes into detail and shows you how to get free publicity. For example, there’s a case study in that Cash On Demand module, about a lady who was actually selling a physical product.

It’s important here that you understand the Cash On Demand way of marketing. It’s worked for Andrew Reynolds – it can work for you too. Andrew suggests selling paper products, digital products and workshops NOT weird little gadget widget things. OK, I know the module refers to physical product, a gizmo called a banana guard made from plastic, but in the module Andrew Reynolds is really showing how to use FREE publicity to sell information products, not physical products. If you’re not seeing it as module on FREE PUBLICITY then look again – you may be missing the point Andrew is making.

You need to study are the techniques that this woman in the Module used to sell her product. That’s the important stuff. That’s what you can take and apply to your own marketing.

The woman was smart, she got tons of write ups in all the big papers and magazines, she got stacks of free publicity. AND she sold loads because in her little press release she put the web address where anyone could go and see the banana guard and buy it. She sold thousands of these things as gifts all through free publicity. A complete business built on free publicity. She did it, so it can be done. Do it with your cash on demand business.

Andrew Reynolds shows you exactly how to do it. In Sainsbury’s magazine, You Are What You Eat, Prima magazine, Zest magazine, Andrew got £117,000 worth of FREE publicity for a personal trainer, HIS personal trainer just from a press release. He didn’t believe Andrew could do it. He challenged Andrew so he did it. £177K in the bag. Read about it in the cash on demand Modules

Andrew also teaches how to use small ads, online or offline. Module four and five of Cash on Demand cover this in great detail so I’m not going to go through this now. If you are not on Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand course yet click here.

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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