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Andrew Reynolds Bonus Building Techniques for Extra Cash on Demand

April 22, 2014

How do you decide what kind of bonus to offer? In the Cash on Demand Modules, Andrew shows you…

You have a good product but you want to optimize your marketing results…get the most people possible to buy your product.

It’s easy to decide on a bonus product once you know that it has to be something directly related to your main product. In other words, as Andrew Reynolds teaches in his Cash on Demand Modules, you initially find a hungry market and choose a product for that market place. So your main product is already targeted for your niche market. And your bonus product will be for the same niche market.

To choose the right kind of bonuses, Andrew Reynolds explains in his Cash on Demand Modules you stand back and think about what you’re doing and ask some simple questions.

Let’s suppose for instance, that your product is a DVD set on Internet Marketing. The DVDs feature a guy who makes his living online. Maybe he has a spare room in his home as an office and he teaches people how to make their living online. Let’s call his DVD set, ‘How I Earn £500 A DAY before I even have Breakfast…”

For the DVD set alone, a fair price could be £47. (The Cash on Demand Modules Suggest price points of £47 and £67 for such products)

But you want to add a bonus or even some bonuses. So, the Cash on Demand Modules suggest you put yourself in your prospective customers’ mindset…

You do this, by asking yourself a series of questions, for example…”What does someone new to this online business need? What can I give them that will make the product even better? Can I give them anything that will make it easier to use? Is there a tool I can maybe give them that will help to get speedy results from the product?”

Here’s a list of supposed answers that you arrived at for adding value to your main Internet Marketing DVD product.…

  • A simple tool to make websites…
  • Details of how to use Google AdSense to get visitors to that site…
  • Details of how to get search engine rankings…
  • Some design ideas for a nice looking website…

Okay, so you’ve arrived at an ‘Extra Help’ list, but how do you turn this into a bonus or bonuses?

The first step is to take on board what Andrew Reynolds explains in his Cash on Demand Modules and that is even bonuses MUST have a high perceived value. You obviously can’t afford to pay out much to buy a bonus product, because you’re giving it away for free. However, as long as the information of any bonus is valuable to your niche market, then you are giving quality and value.

The quickest route is to go online and search for ‘Resale Rights’.

In fact, Andrew Reynolds takes you through a live example in one of the Cash on Demand modules. He shows you where to find and purchase reprint rights to some superb bonuses that you can add to a product and heighten its perceived value.

As Andrew Reynolds in this particular copy of the Cash on Demand Modules explains, the perceived value of all the product items in that live example was probably hundreds of pounds and more, especially if you re-brand them to make them your own unique products.

But the purchase price for unlimited reprint rights was less than £10. So, for less than £10, you get products with unlimited reprint rights, which means you can re-brand them and they become your own unique product, with a title that nobody else is selling and with a bit of tweaking you can even make the content your own.

For instance, say you purchased unlimited reprint rights to a manual, using the tips taught in the Cash on Demand Modules you can take that information within the manual and record it, to create a completely new product of CD’s or a DVD. And then you change the title of the manual so that the CD’s or DVD has a title which is completely devoid of that original manual.

You have just produced bonus products.

Going back to the original exampe from the Cash on Demand Modules…

You’ve got a main product which is your set of DVDs titled, ‘How I Earn £500 A DAY before I even have Breakfast’. Then you add your bonus CD’s, which is your reprint rights product re-branded.

The cost of that would be about £2.50 for a set of 5 Bonus CD’s (you can run them off at home for about 50p each).

It makes sense of adding bonuses to your product offers, because they INCREASE the number of sales you make. Let’s just say you end up selling 1,000 Internet Marketing DVD’s with the 5 Bonus CD’s costing less than £10 to acquire. That puts the actual cost of getting the reprint rights to these 5 bonuses at ONE PENNY for each sale.

Andrew Reynolds shows this is the Cash on Demand Modules. As you can see for yourself now, isn’t it worth adding a list of great bonus products which will increase the sales value of your Cash on Demand product.

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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