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Andrew Reynolds and Vital Cash on Demand Secrets for Long Term Success

April 22, 2014

In case you don’t already know…

Andrew Reynolds is Surrey Businessman Of The Year and Author of the Best Selling Cash On Demand Home Study Course…

Andrew Reynolds teaches his students that a Personal ‘Advert’ Swipe File is one of the most important resources to have for a Cash on Demand business.

In his monthly Modules Andrew explains in depth about creating Angles for sales letter copy and especially on how to use his system to create winning ‘Headlines’. Andrew Reynolds recently, also included a Free Headline Swipe File for all of his students, which he personally spent time putting together.

The reason Andrew focuses on Copywriting, is simply because it is so VITAL for long-term success in a Cash on Demand business.

The key element for powerful copy…which includes web copy…is the HEADLINE. Get this right and the whole cash on Demand system works smoothly to bring you the financial rewards you want.

One of the most effective methods to bring in prospective customers, is by the small classified and display ads and this can be for both online and offline. This is the two-step method for selling. The copy in the small ads brings prospective clients to the main sales message.

So, I’d like to show you how Andrew Reynolds teaches his students to create a Cash on Demand style ad which is quick and easy to do.

This method which Andrew teaches is by far the easiest way to learn how to write powerful copy and especially headlines. It is by using other successful ads as a template of what to write. This is why you need a swipe file. It is a collection of masses of successful ads and Andrew Reynolds has made it even easier for his Cash on Demand students by passing onto them his own Personal Ad Swipe File.

Over the years he has built a substantial portfolio. Andrew Reynolds travels worldwide and as he told me, he always ends up buying an extra bag or suitcase for his return. And that’s not because he’s bought lots of new designer clothes or other gifts for himself. It’s because he’s bought books, magazines and cut out the ad pages of newspapers he came across during each journey.

As Andrew explains, it might sound a bit dull, visiting amazing places around the world and then instead of coming home laden with souvenirs he has newspaper and magazine clippings. But, as Andrew tells all of his students, by adding these cuttings to his Swipe Files, they have helped him to make Millions of Pounds. As he says, “Honestly, I’m not as boring as I sound

This is what he keeps in mind, all the money he’s going to make, when he notices people staring at him during his travels or on the flight home. Because while he’s in a coffee shop, he’s often tearing out pages of great ads from magazines and newspapers and leaving the remains for recycling and indeed, he does the same while on aeroplanes.

Andrew Reynolds does say that thinking about the money is probably the only way he’s able to do this, because without that incentive he’d be too embarrassed by the bemused looks he often gets.

I’ll take you through what Andrew Reynolds does with those torn out pages, and what the results are, because it’s what you can do too.

Right, first of all, Andrew Reynolds doesn’t only have one Swipe File. He has several. They are, Sales Letter Swipe File, a Headline Swipe File and an Ad Swipe File. All of these files are personal and in each area, he has more than one file. In fact, they’re split up into ‘yearly’ files.

Because over the years, Andrew has collected and collated thousands of ripped out, or cut-out ads. As he will tell you, he can’t help himself, he loves hoarding. It was something that was planted in his mind as a child. One of his mum’s favourite phrases was, “That’ll come in handy one day”. So she was a total magpie, keeping objects that many people would just bin.

But, as Andrew Reynolds points out, her phrase is SO perfect for the Cash on Demand business, because it’s a vital cog in the machine; all of the sales material he’s been hoarding over the years has been instrumental in making him a multi-millionaire.

When I first discovered the Swipe File method from Andrew Reynolds I kind of had visions of my sifting through piles of paperwork and having to use every single piece I’d collected. But, thankfully it doesn’t work like that. As Andrew Reynolds explained, he never gets to use the majority of the clippings he collects. But the ones he does use, the ones that he adapts will end up making him more money in a few weeks than most people will earn in years.

And that’s what Andrew Reynolds teaches you, me, and all of his students to do. Which I have to say, makes it no surprise why so many of his students are so eager on adding to their Cash on Demand Copywriting Swipe File Library.

This is why Andrew Reynolds has handed his students an Advert Swipe File to go with their Headline Swipe File. And it’s why he was so keen to talk through how he personally would turn one of the old Ads from that Swipe File into a totally NEW Ad. And one that pulls in the customers.

So, this month Andrew demonstrated to his students how he personally adapted an old advert into a brand new Cash on Demand ad.

After that, Andrew Reynolds showed us some copies of old ads so his students could use these as templates and idea generators. Andrew also, because as he explained, he has hoarded so many ads over the years, he has put some into a file which you can download from his website just for your own use.

Here goes, this is what Andrew Reynolds teaches…

The primary purpose of Cash on Demand copy, no matter whether it’s a letter, a headline or an advert, is to…

Touch the Emotions of the Reader

Unless the Headline creates an IMMEDIATE EMOTIONAL response, you have lost your reader.

This is doubly true when it comes to adverts. And the reason, is because you literally have seconds to capture the attention of a reader.

When Andrew Reynolds is talking about Cash on Demand Copy he is adamant that we remember “Good copy is not just read, its felt!”

If you’re reading Good Cash on Demand Copy, you feel excited or it generates a warm feeling in you. How do you do this? Well, the MORE targeted that headline is to the reader’s WANTS and DESIRES, the more EFFECTIVE it will be.

This is what gives the headline of an ad the power to transport the reader away from the mundane task they may be involved in. If you can take their minds to a better place so they can really SENSE themselves in somewhere else they’d rather be, or doing something they’d rather be doing, you will GRAB their attention IMMEDIATELY.

But you don’t know what will take their minds to a better place, until you KNOW what your readers are actually searching for. So, when you construct copy, as Andrew Reynolds explains, always ask yourself what is the reader really looking for? What do they really want?

You have to get inside their heads and hearts. And you can do that, by making certain you know the answer to something known as WIIFM.

This stands for…

What’s In It For Me?

Ever since Andrew Reynolds explained the importance of this, I always write What’s In It For Me, at the top of the page, before I start writing headlines. I find it focuses my mind on what my potential customers want.

This is so powerful, because as Andrew Reynolds teaches all of his students, your entire Cash on Demand business should be built around those words. Because why should anybody be interested in buying something that’s not going to give them what they want?

Everybody wants to know What’s In It For Me? Each prospective customer wants to know the benefits to them on purchasing your product or on using your service.

They couldn’t care less about features until they KNOW that whatever it is you’re offering will benefit them in a way that interests them personally.

As Andrew Reynolds teaches, never forget this and you will build a very successful Cash on Demand business.

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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