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Andrew Reynolds and the Quick Money Generator

April 17, 2014

Recent Local Businessman of the Year Andrew Reynolds Made a Discovery In The US Which Has Made Him Millions of Pounds Through His Cash on Demand Business…

Andrew Reynolds told me that many of his students ask which of his Cash on Demand methods is the quickest to generate money.

There is a quick method which as Andrew explains can rake in £1/2 MILLION in a FEW HOURS (Andrew Reynolds has done this plenty of times).

Let’s begin to explain about this method and how and why it works so well…

Andrew Reynolds first discovered this method, way back in the Spring of 2000…when he was learning about the business. He was in Las Vegas as an Attendee for an Internet Marketing Seminar. The seminar was all about Internet marketing techniques, which were still new to the UK market place.

However, Andrew was also keen to study the seminar model and this is the area he made the discovery… where as he admits he sat and watched the proceedings in total awe.

What was catching his attention and his respect was the amount of money he could see was being made running workshops and seminars. And he could appreciate how it was used in conjunction with the Cash on Demand system.

So, Andrew Reynolds, who remember was an attendee learning about the Internet Marketing techniques, began viewing the seminar not as an attendee but with the purpose of studying the techniques being employed around him.

Rather than giving his 100% attention to the speaker, he started to study the audience reaction. And it was on the second day, while Andrew Reynolds was still observing, he saw something happen that directly resulted in him making MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF POUNDS through his Cash on Demand business.

One particular speaker who got up to talk, gave Andrew Reynolds the idea and he became totally hooked on making of lot money quickly and easily by the route of workshops and seminars.

This particular speaker made a 3 hour presentation. But what caught Andrew Reynolds imagination was this guy pulled in over $390,000 in ‘back of the room sales’. Andrew admitted he had never seen anything like it…

He had attended many seminars in the USA in his early days of learning this business and if they had a high ticket price it paid for the speakers and any content was given at the end of the event…for FREE.

However, this particular seminar, not only had a relatively high ticket price of $997 (remember, this was in the year 2000) but the speaker also offered back of the room products which earned him $400,000 at the end of his 3 hour speech.


No wonder Andrew was excited at the time. He goes on to tell his students more memories he had of this momentous occasion. He said he still remembers just moments before this guy was due on stage to do his talk, a friend of Andrews, Marlon Sanders…and if you’ve ever seen Marlon speak on stage, you’ll know he’s a little eccentric…rushed over and said in a hushed voice, “Dude! You gotta see this next guy. He’ll blow you away with what he does. He makes all the other speakers look like freekin amateurs…” or words to that effect.

And during the entire time this guy was talking, Marlon kept chipping in whispering to Andrew, comments like, “Can you see what he’s doing now”? “That was clever”…”he’s gonna pull a cool quarter of a million dollars!! You just watch…seriously dude. I’m telling ya…”

As some of you will know, Marlon is a serious marketer and Andrew Reynolds has a huge amount of respect for this guy. In fact, he’s a Cash on Demand type marketer if you like. When Marlon suggests to Andrew that he pays attention to something, then Andrew complies.

So, taking on board Marlon’s comments on this speaker, Andrew Reynolds studied everything this speaker did. He made lots of notes which he has kept to this day.

And suddenly, when the speaker reached the end of his talk, it happened…this guy had metaphorically speaking flicked the switch and in minutes he was nearly $400,000 richer.

All he did was to ask people to come to the stage with their credit cards and pay his business partner who stood by the side of the stage with a credit card machine, the $3,997 he was asking for the product.

Now just one of the amazing aspects of this is that to all intents and purposes, during the 3 hour talk this speaker had pitched these products. He had done the sales talk.

And yet, people eagerly jumped out of their seats and almost ran to get in the queue. As I mentioned earlier, Andrew Reynolds was in such awe, because people couldn’t get there quick enough and yet they were handing over $3,997. Not exactly peanuts.

Andrew Reynolds counted the number of people who lined up to the stage and paid this money over. And this guy easily took over $399,000 and it was probably much more…in those few minutes.

Andrew walked out of that seminar and back to the MGM Grand Hotel that evening in a daze. He found it hard to believe and yet he had actually watched people eagerly handing over this much money.

He was so excited that he immediately wrote an email to his Cash on Demand copywriter in the UK who he was swapping emailed notes with at the time, because they were working together on a project.

As Andrew Reynolds explains to his students, when he sent the email, he was so excited that he was sure his copywriter thought there was an extra ZERO on the sales figure. Or maybe he thought Andrew had been on the champagne.

But the email was correct.

This guy, who was the speaker up on the stage, was just ordinary looking. To this day Andrew remembers what the guy wore, a polo shirt and casual trousers. If you saw the guy in the street, you wouldn’t give him a second glance.

Nothing at all made him stand out from the crowd. In fact during the seminar, while the other speakers were up on the stage giving their talks, Andrew had assumed this guy was just one of the attendees. In fact he sat at the back on the same table as Andrew Reynolds.

And yet, this unobtrusive guy took almost $400,000 in 3 HOURS!!

Afterwards, Andrew Reynolds said that he found out how accurate his email was. For this speaker at the seminar…extraordinary in what he had achieved…was nevertheless an ordinary guy.

Like so many of us, he hated the thought of standing on a stage and speaking to a load of strangers. In fact, he went on to license his seminar content and sales pitch so that he DIDN’T have to be a speaker at seminars in order to make money from them. He gets other people who DO like speaking to make his presentation and to go on to making the sales and then he receives a % of the profits!

Well, this should interest you as well, because this perfectly ordinary guy, who found a way for other people to make money for him, STILL makes SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for each 3 hours. So, each time someone else speaks at a seminar while he’s out there on holiday or whatever, he still makes a fortune.

This, admits Andrew Reynolds, totally changed his thoughts about Workshops and Seminars…

Back in 2000, Andrew had already done a few seminars himself. But, he realised he was working on a very small scale and he could up the sales. What he was doing at the time was offering a small back of the room product with a price tag of about £97 a box. At the time, Andrew Reynolds admits, he had been satisfied to take a hundred sales from a presentation.

He was looking at £9,700 less his costs would provide him with a profit of around £5,000. Not a fortune, but at the time, it was not bad compared to the salary he was paid in the house building trade. And as he figured, do that two or three times a week and you have a pretty good income… one that was well above the national average.

However, as you can imagine, after seeing this speaker selling virtually $400,000 worth of back room products, in a seminar where people had ALREADY paid $1,000 to attend, it made Andrew realise he could really up his game. What struck Andrew so forcibly was that it wasn’t even a FREE seminar.

As you can imagine, the whole discovery was a huge wake up call. Here was Andrew Reynolds making a £5,000 profit and this other speaker, was probably making at least a £200,000 profit. Yet the costs were probably about the same. They would both have done the same amount of work, put in the same effort and probably spent roughly the same amount of time.

However, the PROFIT difference was phenomenal….about £195,000

Later, Andrew Reynolds learned that at the time of that Las Vegas Internet Marketing Seminar, this particular speaker was travelling around the seminar circuit. So he was basically presenting EXACTLY the same talk in many different venues and events across the USA. He would be talking at least 3 or 4 times a week.

When you add that up, it looks to be between $400,000 to $500,000 CLEAR PROFIT EACH WEEK! And apart from the travelling of course, this would be for between 9-12 hours work a week maximum.

As Andrew Reynolds says it was little surprise that he became totally hooked on this strategy and adapted if for his Cash on Demand business.

What he did was during that stay in Las Vegas he soaked up everything he could about this technique. And this is one of the ways he swotted up on it…

Because of the time differences…they are 8 hours behind UK time…Andrew was always awake very early. He used this time to watch TV, to watch the off-peak ‘Infomercials’ that they have running on the cable channels until 6 or 7 in the mornings.

One of those infomercials that he saw was an Ad for a FREE seminar on ‘Making Money in Real Estate’. The subject was how people could buy properties for ‘No Money Down’ and smarten them up or rent them out and create a portfolio of properties. This was obviously a business opportunity and there are similar offers here in the UK.

At the end of the infomercial they gave details of afternoon and evening seminars in a number of towns across the States. The seminars were FREE. And one of the venues happened to be right there in Las Vegas the following day.

Andrew called the free phone number that came up on the screen and booked a free place. The next day he went along and he was amazed to see how many people were queued up to get in.

Andrew Reynolds said he reckoned there were a good 200 people in that room. And every one of them had bothered to make a call and book their free place and to turn up in order to learn about how to make money in real estate.

The same format was used as the paid-for seminar he had attended earlier that week. Everything was just a simple set up…there was a small stage with a screen which showed a PowerPoint Presentation from a laptop and projector.

The speaker walked in. He was a young guy in a suit and tie and he proceed to share his knowledge of some techniques for making money from real estate.

Near the end of his presentation, he invited everyone to attend a Paid For seminar of additional training to be held in a couple of weeks. In other words, he was offering a ‘back of the room’ product.

The price was around $2,997.

When the guy finished his talk, he invited people to go to the back of the room with their credit cards. And just as in the other seminar, Andrew Reynolds sat in amazement as people all but ran to the back of the room, clutching their credit cards. Andrew counted about 35 buyers.

Think about that, because it’s a HIGH return…35 buyers from 200 people and for a product costing $2,997. That is a 17 and a half % of the people in that room, PAID over $100,000 in back of the room sales for this one young speaker.

And as Andrew Reynolds explains, again this guy didn’t appear to be anything special. And so this was something Andrew felt he could bring to his Cash on Demand business with ease.

This guy just reeled off a carefully prepared speech… as the other speaker had at the Internet marketing seminar He had clearly delivered the same speech many times. In fact Andrew learned that he and other colleagues of his give that same speech twice a day, in similar hotels across the USA 5 days a week each.

It’s easy to work out that if they do $100,000 worth of business at each one, that’s a cool $1MILLION a WEEK in sales from just one speaker.

But, what Andrew Reynolds said he found the most interesting about this model was that this guy was merely presenting someone else’s speech. It was not this guy’s success story but someone else’s. The guy that got up and spoke wasn’t the Real Estate Guru. He was in fact, just a presenter paid to do the talking and get the orders.

What Andrew also found exciting was that he could relate this to the Cash on Demand, it was a simple extension to the basics which are…

Find a hungry crowd in a niche market. Then offer them a front end product which is the low cost product, or in this case it was free. Then offer them the back end product, which is a high price ticket for a further seminar.

So, that is Andrew Reynolds Quick Money Generator…Seminar or Workshop Presentations.

So if you really need to make some serious money … and fast … then it’s a business method that Andrew Reynolds teaches in the Cash On Demand course, that you may want to consider.

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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