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Andrew Reynolds and the Easy Method to a Product from Scratch

April 22, 2014

Andrew Reynolds is the Author of the Cash on Demand home study course. He is also a multi-millionaire and he told me one of the best and easiest ways to make millions is by having your own unique product.

I guess that may seem obvious, but the problem is for most of us, that at once makes you imagine endless hours of toiling over producing something brand new. And also, where do you start?

Well, Andrew Reynolds explains the simple and easy method he uses…

First, the Lazy Way to become a Millionaire is to by selling ready-made licensed products. Someone else has done all of the hard work. They have created and developed a new product.

As Andrew Reynolds will tell you, he gets most of his products in this way. He simply acquires the rights to products that other people have put together. Then a fulfillment company does everything else for him, and he just collects the cash. That’s the position Andrew aims to help you to get into.

But that’s not the only way to acquire products. There are other quick ways of creating your very own UNIQUE Cash on Demand products from scratch.

Of course it will involve a bit more work, if you can call it that, on your part, but you will be surprised at how simple it is to do and how little effort it takes. And you will be in a very strong position to make far more money, when you are the ONLY person in the entire world with that product.

It gives you the freedom to market it however you want to and to make it any price you wish. Andrew Reynolds creates new products in the way I’m going to tell you in a minute, and then he makes MASSIVE PROFITS by providing Master Licenses or Resale Licenses to other people. You can do the same once you have a unique product.

Actually Andrew Reynolds takes you through everything you need to know about the Master License business in a later Module. As he says, it is another FAST TRACK method to Millionaire status. What you become is a Niche Product Developer. It might sound difficult, but it isn’t and once you have all of the method placed before you, it becomes an exciting way to earn money.

In fact, you’ll probably be amazed at how easy it is to create your own Cash on Demand niche product…

For instance, professional looking DVD’s, Video, Audio CD, or Digital products.

When I tell you what Andrew Reynolds teaches about creating a product from scratch, it will lay the foundation towards master licensing at a later date, if you think you might choose that marketing option.

For now, one step at a time…let’s start you on developing your own product. It’s a product that you can plug into your Cash on Demand system immediately. And many of the elements involved in creating product from scratch also applies at times to ready-made products.

One of the best results from showing you how to create a niche product is it will give you the knowledge to turn any cheap, old or free products into a NEW HIGH PROFIT project.

Here’s an example of this…

You could easily turn a few FREE eBooks into a new product. Now, just because the product starts out its life as an eBook, it doesn’t have to remain so. You could turn it into a very impressive Audio CD set for example, a set that you could sell for say, £197.

Andrew Reynolds uses these same techniques, they are tried and tested. He is a multi-millionaire and shows you how to do exactly what he does. So, let’s suppose you turn a few free giveaway eBooks into an audio set, and sell a thousand of them in a single month. Your income in that single month would be £197,000. Virtually all of it is profit.

Andrew Reynolds has this advice…keep this in mind as you read the monthly Modules. Andrew teaches you how to create your own £500,000 to £1,000,000 project from scratch. However, don’t rush through the course, read everything because many of the aspects involved you can use for ready-made licensed products, or on cheap, old and free products.

OK, so where do we start … how do we even begin to create a product from scratch?

Andrew Reynolds teaches that the easiest way to approach this is by checking out other products which already exist in an area you’re interested in. Then simply do your own version. It’s really quick and simple to do this.

It MUST be your own version. You don’t copy someone else’s niche product. However, there’s no harm in using other people’s good products to kick-start ideas for your own product.

As an illustration of what Andrew Reynolds means with this, I’ll take you through a complete Cash on Demand project idea for a HALF A MILLION to ONE MILLION A YEAR Niche Product.

This is an idea that Andrew Reynolds just doesn’t have the time to do anything with at the moment, even though he knows it would be very successful.

In the Cash on Demand course Andrew Reynolds shows you how to create a CD set, which will generate up to £1,000,000 for you…

He also shows you step by step exactly how you can create your own DVD and other Digital Niche Products.

Andrew Reynolds is often in the USA and during his travels he has come across several Multi-Million pound marketers who started their business in exactly the way Andrew reveals to his students. They became millionaires using an extremely simple business system which you could easily work here in the UK.

Andrew Reynolds explains it also allows him to pass on a great opportunity to show you how you can get around that niggling problem of not having a success story to tell your prospective clients, when you first start your Cash on Demand business.

It depends on your niche market, but whichever you choose, you need a success story about how to for instance, play better golf, become a millionaire, look 10 years younger in 10 days, make a fortune from overseas property, or design a website etc.

And you need this success story, no matter what niche market you choose to get involved in. For most people, when they first start out, they think along the lines of, “I can’t create my own unique product because I don’t have a success story to write about in my sales copy. I just don’t have a story to tell..”

Of course, it’s like this for just about everybody…yes, a few may be lucky, for instance, they may have lost a large amount of weight which will provide them with a success story for their Slimming DVD. But more often than not, people don’t have a story to begin with. Andrew Reynolds was the same. He had NO story he could tell.

So this is what he did…

Instead of writing a sales letter with a picture of himself and some text all about who he was, Andrew Reynolds simply began by featuring the success stories of OTHER PEOPLE. That’s how he started out and now he has pulled in over £30.5million.

To hear more information direct from Andrew Reynolds on the £500,000-£1 MILLION POUND idea he wants to give you, I’ll hand you over to him now…

On my last trip to North America I came across a guy making a fortune working just 1 hour a month and making over $1million a year…. (continued in the Cash On Demand Course)!

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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