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Andrew Reynolds and the Amazing Results from Giving Added Value

April 17, 2014

Andrew Reynolds author of the Cash on Demand course, explains how on holiday in America, he’d sit up half the night watching TV infomercials. They fascinated him. As Andrew tells his students, he watched fascinated by the way the guy onscreen would show the viewers a product and proceed to sell it ‘live’ in front of your eyes.

These guys were like a skilled stand-up comedian. They always delivered the good story content and finished with a great punch line – a fantastic sales pitch that ended in a ‘can’t miss this never to be repeated offer’ punch line. They were just so slick, so good.

Andrew Reynolds tells his students that it reminded him of his days as a kid when he used to go to the markets. And there were these stall holders who really knew the art of selling and making money. He remembered watching one, who would sell a huge wicker basket of plates. This guy would describe it in loving tones praising the fine bone china, the pattern, the luster of the glaze…and the value of these, well the way he waxed so lyrical about them you’d think they were the crown jewels.

But of course the guy had only just begun. Because without drawing breath, he’d proudly pile on basket after basket of smaller plates, teacups, coffee cups, sugar bowl and condiment set, and then for good measure he’d also top it with a carriage clock that played ‘Edelweiss’ as a FREE gift.

Andrew Reynolds explains that after that, after piling on all of these additional product pieces, and topping it with a free gift, came the pricing strategy. The guy would begin with a very high price of say £120. His pitch patter went along the lines of, “We won’t ask £120…not even £100, not 99, not 90…not 80, 75, 60 or even 50.” Then with a clap of his hand or the drop of his poor mans gavel which was merely a lump of wood he waved around during his presentation, he’d shout, “The first four people, I’ll let them go for just £35 for the jolly lot!”

And there’d be people, a hand in the air, waving their £35 around, and the guy’s helpers would be ready with the goods and collecting the money. It was a slick operation but what fun! What a buzz!

Well, getting back to where Andrew Reynolds was at the start of this article, he was in America and actually also with a fed up girlfriend, who didn’t understand or share his love of the pitch. Mention pitch and she thought it was a discussion on football.

But so fascinated was Andrew Reynolds, that he would get hold of a VCR and set it up to record the infomercials that ran throughout the night. Then he would watch the footage when he got back to the UK.

On one of his visits to New York, in order not to miss a particularly good infomercial, but with no access to a VCR, Andrew turned on his video camera and filmed the infomercial at it was showing on the TV screen. He just sat on the end of the bed pointing the video camera at the screen for the 28 minutes, the entire length of the infomercial.

Over a 9 or 10 year period, Andrew Reynolds collected a unique archive of some of the best infomercials on TV. He had no plan to use them at the time but he did have a gut instinct that someday they would be useful.

Andrew Reynolds tells his students that they did turn out useful. One of the lessons he learned from watching these guys on TV sell product direct to an audience was how to add value to a product.

Because just like the market stall traders, these TV sales guys piled on the bonuses until the original product looked like it was such a good price you’d be an idiot not to take up their offer.

There’s a great story that’s done the round in the USA which Direct Marketers use to demonstrate the extra sales a bonus product can make. A leading publisher once offered a free engraved mug as a bonus item. The new product was a huge hit. But when the market researchers sent in their report the publishing company was surprised to find why it had been such a big hit. The polls revealed that buyers hadn’t necessarily wanted the product. But they DID want the mug!

If you ever get a chance to see any TV infomercials Andrew Reynolds recommends you watch some. And if you get a chance to, take a look at the infomercial for knives run by Ron Popeil. His catchphrase is now famous. It goes, “But wait there’s more!”

Watch this master seller in action.

What begins as a simple knife ad – a wonderful knife for $39.95 – ends up as a set with another 24 knives, added as bonuses and has you reaching for your credit card.

Each time he adds another knife, he calls out, “But wait, there’s more”. In the end you get 25 knives with a value of around $900+ – for just $39.95.

All of the knives feature full tang impact-resistant riveting

  • Perfectly balanced
  • Made of the best high carbon stainless steel
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • The gift that lasts a lifetime
  • 25-piece set includes: 22 knives, carving fork,
  • poultry shears, and knife sharpener
  • Set Includes:
  • $100 Showtime Knife
  • $40 Sportsman Knife
  • $40 Bread & Bagel Knife
  • $40 Chop & Serve Knife
  • $20 Garnish Knife
  • $50 Carving Knife
  • $20 Carving Fork
  • $30 Poultry Shears
  • $30 Saw Knife
  • $60 Chef’s Knife
  • $40 Paring Knife
  • $20 Utility Knife
  • $70 Cleaver
  • $40 Cheese Knife
  • $70 Pro Filet Knife
  • $40 Boning Knife
  • $70 8 Steak Knives
  • $40 Knife Sharpener
  • $30 Solid Food Injector – FREE GIFT!

All for just $39.99

As Andrew Reynolds explains the techniques work for Ron; he recently sold a company built by using these direct selling techniques for around $56.5MILLION.

And that’s because Ron knew the incredible benefits of adding bonuses to build the perceived value of a product.

At this point, Andrew Reynolds realizes a lot of people say, “Yes, it’s all well and good, but adding bonuses to products increases cost and depletes profits…surely.”

These are Andrew Reynolds own results in his Cash on Demand business. When he offers bonus products he says, “I have had hundreds of times as many sales as when I just offered the product”.

In one of the bonus Modules of the Cash On Demand course Andrew Reynolds shows you how to use the ‘Wait – there’s more’ technique in your own Cash On Demand business.

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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