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Andrew Reynolds and Overlooked Profit Opportunities

April 17, 2014

Award Winning Businessman Andrew Reynolds Knows How To Unearth The Hidden Profits In A Cash on Demand Business…

The Cash on Demand home study course is totally unique because it evolves with the needs of the students while the core system remains.

The Author, Andrew Reynolds, explains that he reacts to the needs of individual students at any time and to any changes in the market place.

Here’s an account of a recent event and how Andrew Reynolds responded. He received an email from one of his students who sells eBooks. The student asked Andrew for some extra help, because he wasn’t making a lot of money. So, through emails, Andrew Reynolds talked this student through his complete selling process. Gradually they worked out all the different methods this student could use to add extra profits selling his eBooks and without too much added work.

This student had been losing out on a load of profit…he simply hadn’t realized the potential was there for the taking…

After solving this student’s problem, Andrew Reynolds inserted additional information into the Cash on Demand course. He reasoned that if one student had been missing out on a huge potential of extra Cash on Demand income, then in all probability so were other students. So he included a tick list of ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ so all of his students had the same vital information of how to unearth hidden profits and vastly increase their income on each project.

All of Andrew Reynolds students know about the funnel technique of Cash on Demand marketing. You know the money is in the back end product. But with some small quick to make changes to your funnel model you could unearth hidden profits and make extra money.

As you know the Cash on Demand system is geared to making you a millionaire or multi-millionaire, or whatever level you wish for. The entire system works on the premise of bringing in customers on a front end product which is not where you make massive profits…that is the result from back end products.

A quick re-cap…front end products are the first product you offer to potential customers and they cost little…the back end products are higher priced. The back end products must always be in some way connected to the initial front end offering.

As an example, suppose your front end product is a DVD introducing people to the profit potential of ‘buy to let’ property. A typical front end product like this will retail between £19.95 and £49.95.

So you’ve sold DVDs on ‘Buy to Let’, now you offer those serious players in this field, a back end product that will give them in-depth information. Your back end product could be a step-by-step home study course on which is full of invaluable information that will guide your customers during their endeavours to build a profitable property portfolio.

A course like this can retail for around £697. And so now, you begin to make SERIOUS money…

As you know, you ONLY offer a high priced product…your back end product….to those people who have already purchased a front end product from you, in the same niche market (which in our example is ‘property’). In other words you are offering high-priced more in-depth information to your current customers. And one of the biggest positives with your customers is that they know you. You already have credibility. You’ve already delivered the goods so they trust you.

With trust and respect for you and your business or company, 90% of the barrier between people reading or listening to your sales pitch is removed!

So you are always sending your back end products to a highly targeted market.

Let’s look at expected returns. For the front end product you might expect a good offer to return you 3%. So for every 100 people that see your offer 3 will buy. For a 20,000 mailing you’ll get 600 sales….although you don’t have to mail 20,000 at a time…you could mail out 5,000 a month,

If the DVD pack retails at £49.95, the return would be £14,985. Producing a DVD is about £1.50 but of course you have the mailing costs to 20,000 people to get those 600 sales. That’s why a front end product is NOT where your big profit is.

The big profits come in next. You offer the £697 ‘Buy to Let’ property course to those 600 front end buyers. For a start that’s just 600 mailings…so vastly reduced marketing costs. From the 600 highly targeted front end buyers you are contacting with your new offer, around 120 buy at £697.

If your profits are £500 for every course sold you will POCKET £60,000 PROFIT!

You don’t only offer one back end product. For example you could next offer a £5,000 one-day workshop. Your profit would be £4,000 for each client.

The figures soon stack up. All you need is 25 attendees and you’ve made yourself a quick profit of £100,000! That’s your money…money in your pocket!

As you can see your profit BUILDS…front end sales, £14,985. From that £14,985, make extra sales of £60,000 from a home study course and £100,000 from a workshop. In other words that’s a £160,000 profit built from the initial £14,985 income which was either break even or a small profit.

If you repeat that process 3 or 4 times a year…which is the Cash on Demand system, and is exactly what Andrew Reynolds does and suddenly you can see how possible it is to make profits of OVER HALF A MILLION POUNDS for what amounts to a SINGLE PROJECT.

Or, to put it another way…almost £10,000 per WEEK!

It shows why Andrew Reynolds and some of his students are Multi-Millionaires.

So this is how Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system works….a system based on the funnel marketing approach explained in great depth, covering all angles, all possible pitfalls and everything you need to know to succeed, all in his home study course.

However, Andrew Reynolds has found that the one part of this system which new students get nervous of is the very first part.

And that is because the outlay to sell a front end product is perceived as the part of the whole system where your risks are highest. The potential profit is small compared to the outlay – and most people in this business are quite prepared to break-even or even sometimes have a small loss.

Andrew Reynolds and other marketers know what they’re doing and so are extremely confident that they will make the BIG money, hundreds of thousands of pounds by rolling out with back end offers.

In fact, Andrew Reynolds has perfected his Cash on Demand system so much that he doesn’t think he’s EVER made a loss on a project.

However, many would-be Cash on Demand millionaires are scared of loss and this stops them from even starting.

This is a great shame when so much can be achieved, huge profits can be made it’s just around the corner…once you roll out the back end products. But sadly, for some students, even if they break even on their small profit front end product it’s enough to stop them in their tracks.

But this is when they are SO close to making money that could completely transform their life. If Andrew Reynolds had stopped on his very first end product….he would literally have walked away from £30,000,000. This is what he’s earned from his Cash on Demand business. He has a personal wage of £2million a year.

So Andrew Reynolds wants to help you not to lose courage…not to throw away your dreams of a better life. To this end, he’s going to show you how to AVOID anything which is going to lose you money even on the front end.

And this process is unearthing hidden sales. Or to put it another way, Andrew Reynolds is going to show you how to spot the Overlooked Profit Opportunities.

What is the result? Well by discovering the hidden profit opportunities within your Cash on Demand project, once you take advantage of them, you will INCREASE the amount of money you receive from EACH customers WITHOUT having to increase your front end product price.

Equally important, it won’t cost you any extra money to get that extra revenue.

To make this clearer Andrew Reynolds breaks down hidden sales opportunities into easier terms. So let’s begin by check listing the facts…

Cash on Demand FACT ONE…Once a person buys a front end product from you it’s easier to make another sale to them. It’s at this ‘point of sale’ the moment they are still in a buying mood, that you offer a little something extra to them. This is an easy way to encourage your customers to spend MORE with you.

Supermarkets are a great example of this technique. How many times have you gone into a supermarket and made a purchase of a ‘Buy 3 for 2’ offer? And how many times did you actually plan beforehand to buy that brand or even that particular item? That is a perfect example of making EXTRA money from a customer…they went in to buy a loaf of bread, and get to the till with bread and three packets of ginger biscuits because for the price of 2 packets they get 3.

And talking about the till, I’m sure you’ve noticed, the clever racks of sweets positioned right where you’re standing in a queue waiting to be served. It’s extra money from EACH customer…from impulse purchases.

So, what you’re doing with your funnel of customers is exactly the same principle…you’re putting tempting offers right upfront for your customers to give you EXTRA money each time they buy from you.

Also, don’t forget the process gets easier as your Cash on Demand business builds as your customer database increases.

Andrew Reynolds brings in thousands of NEW customers each year, which ADD onto his existing customer database. He still has thousands of customers who have been loyal to him for 10 years. REPEAT business is a big factor in sustaining high profits. So you build…

Cash on Demand FACT 2…Most people who buy your front end product WONT come back and ASK to buy more from you…

No matter HOW great your product is, how happy your customers are with what you have sent them…they RARELY contact you and say, “What else have you got?” They’re simply TOO BUSY with their own life…

They don’t wake up each morning and think about you…their thoughts are on what they have to do to get through the day.

The onus to get people to buy your products is completely down to you. And that is WHY you MUST get their contact information as early as possible…and that is at the front end stage.

If for instance you are using websites to sell your products…perhaps from Classified Ad leads or from Google Ad words or even direct mail traffic to the site…you need their contact information. And you need it before a person has a chance to leave your site. You do this using the simple techniques that are available to get them to stay.

You want these people to take action, to get them into your funnel so that you can continue to advertise to them.

As Andrew Reynolds explains, once you understand these two Cash on Demand fundamental facts and you learn to incorporate hidden sales opportunity ‘extra revenue’ techniques you will see YOUR OVERALL CASH ON DEMAND SALES AND PROFITS EXPLODE!

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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