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Andrew Reynolds and How to Become a Millionaire in 3 years

April 17, 2014

One of the first questions Andrew Reynolds asks every student on his Cash on Demand course is, “Tell me, do you really want to ACTUALLY be a Millionaire in the next 3 years?”

It seems a blindingly obvious answer doesn’t it?

After all the Cash on Demand course is written by a multi-millionaire. And Andrew Reynolds has painstakingly melded all of his ability to make millions know-how into a step-by-step easy to follow system. The information is specifically geared to train students on how to start and build a sustainable business. And as the name suggests it is a CASH generating business, a business is capable of pulling in a MILLION + a Year Income for the student.

The reason Andrew Reynolds always queries his students on whether they do actually want to be a millionaire in the next 3 years is because he understands what it’s like when you get your first month’s Module, your very first exciting delivery. He knows how difficult it is not to be impatient. He understands you probably want to get started WITHOUT DELAY!

Andrew Reynolds knows you probably feel like this, because he was the same. The very day he got his first set of materials from his multi-millionaire mentor in Arkansas, he just wanted to get his own business up and running. It’s a by-product of our rush, rush and instant gratification society.

We have all come to accept that our needs are mostly instantly met. Want to check what you’ve got in your bank account…easy…simply log onto your Internet bank account…you want to talk to a friend…easy, simply send them a text and they’ll reply immediately etc.

And when you get your first set of information that builds into a system that has the power to make you a multi-millionaire, well let’s face it, you probably want to start banking the cash as quickly as you possibly can.

But, within that desire is a trap. One that will immediately turn you off the path you need to go down in order to become a millionaire, or multi-millionaire…

It’s tied up with our present society, where people often forget about learning anything properly, they forget about learning the basics. Instead they demand to HAVE IT ALL NOW!

This works the same in the play and work area…

For instance, they get a game for Christmas and want to start playing straight away. They open the box and skim through the rules, pull out all the pieces of the game and sort of faff around putting the pieces on the board. Ten or twenty minutes later, they can’t understand the game, so they get fed up and throw everything back in the box and shove it in the cupboard…where it stays for years on end.

However, suppose they patiently made sure they understood the game before playing it. They read the instructions and the rules of the game carefully and did a dummy run, testing it and getting used to the game. Now, the game would probably be played several times with great fun and enjoyment on Christmas day. Also, at the end of that day, the boxed game would be stored in an easily accessible place for future use.

The person who never has the patience to read the rules and learn the game properly, experiences dissatisfaction. In their eyes, that game didn’t deliver on its promise it wasn’t entertaining and fun, or maybe stimulating if it was a general knowledge game. But, their dissatisfaction with that game prompts them to move on to another, in the hope that it will be better than the last one. Well, it’s only a game isn’t it?

Sadly many people continue this pattern into everything they do in life. They try to do something without taking the time to read the instructions first and then do a dummy run.

It’s one of the BIGGEST REASONS that so many people who are interested in making a better living hop from one opportunity to another to another and so on. They are always buying another manual, another course, audio CDs and books, and DVDs and they are always going to different seminars, workshops and they subscribe to umpteen newsletters, read all the magazines, attend trade shows…and so it goes on.

But this is the point, the IMPORTANT point…despite all of this activity, they NEVER do anything, it’s always rush, rush, but never stopping to take anything in properly, never really learning from the information, it’s a half-hearted effort. And some people are on this tread mill for 10 years…20 years even more.

And so the years go by, but they are still NO NEARER to the lifestyle they really want than when they started…

As Andrew Reynolds tells all of his students, he was the exactly the same. He used to buy everything in fact he was an opportunity junkie. All he did with his cash was BUY the information, but he never actually DID anything with it.

Finally he did break this habit. He stopped constantly sending for the latest ‘stuff’. He did this, the day he finally admitted that he was actually going nowhere in life.

Andrew Reynolds even admits that in the years he was sending for everything and yet doing nothing with any of it, if he’d been given the Cash on Demand course (pretending for a moment, that this had been written by another Multi-Millionaire at the time), it would probably have ended up in the cupboard, with all of the other things he’d sent for.

Because he wouldn’t have done anything with it…he definitely would NOT have become a Millionaire.

Andrew Reynolds says he would probably still be working for the house builders, a job he hated, and still living in a little semi on a housing estate and still battling with the never ending shortage of cash.

When you hear Andrew’s experiences, it makes you realize the consequences of inaction and lack of patience. And it’s scary when you think about it isn’t it?

You just never know the consequences of your inaction or lack of patience. Just imagine how you’d feel if you didn’t take the time to learn the Cash on Demand system. If you just glanced through it every now and then, before throwing it back into the box and it into the cupboard.

Another five years would be gone and you’d still be living the exact same lifestyle that you had so desperately wanted to change. You’d still be driving the same car…living in the same house…working at the same job. Nothing’s really changed for you.

Now switch your thoughts and imagine a new scene. Imagine it’s three years later. It’s a sunny day and you’ve just driven through an enchanting village, with picture postcard houses. As you breeze through into open countryside you stop outside a big house. You judge its worth about a £100,000 and there must be at least 6 bedrooms. There’s a converted barn to the side of the house and a large trampoline set in grass by the side of the barn.

Your attention is diverted as you hear the excited shouts and squeals of children splashing in a pool, hidden behind the house. The grounds are extensive, the lawn cut in perfect stripes and bordered with deep flower beds which are a splash of vivid and pastel colours.

A man wearing dark glasses crosses the shingled path towards the barn. He opens a set of double doors and you can see two cars. You watch as he drives out in a beautiful £70,000 Red Mercedes, leaving a £50,000 blue BMW still parked inside.

You watch as he parks the Mercedes at the front of the house. He steps out of the car and opens up the boot. The man opens the Oak front door and you can see a set of brown leather suitcases standing inside the large square hallway. He piles the suitcases into the car and shuts the boot.

The man straightens. He looks so relaxed and he looks happy.

He takes off his sunglasses and you think he looks vaguely familiar. You almost cry out. You feel as if someone has walked over your grave.

Because you suddenly realize this man is YOU!

Or to be more accurate, he is who you COULD be if five years earlier you had grabbed the rare opportunity to subscribe to the Cash on Demand home study course. If you had started up a Cash on Demand business, but only after taking the time and being patient enough to learn the system properly.

But, if you didn’t and you simply went on to another opportunity and then another and another you would have thrown it all away. When with a little discipline you could have that £1,000,000 6-bedroom home in 2 acres of grounds. That gleaming £70,000 Red Mercedes and Sparkling Blue £50,000 BMW could have been YOURS…

They could have been YOUR family playing in the swimming pool in YOUR grounds…and you packing the suitcases into the boot of YOUR Mercedes, getting ready for YOU and the FAMILY to jet off for YOUR 3rd exotic holiday of the year…

Imagine how you would feel if you missed out on all of this. Think about how truly sad this situation would be. Let’s face it you would feel gutted when you realized that so much was possible, but you missed out on it all.

Of course, you and I both know this isn’t going to happen.

But think about the picture we have just painted. Think seriously, because as Andrew Reynolds finally realized, you can’t just keep going around in circles. Life is too short. Before you know it your life has passed you by. It doesn’t wait for you.

The point is that what Andrew Reynolds teaches you in the Cash on Demand course has made him millions of pounds and it still does every year…in other words, the system he teaches you WORKS and works like you’ve never seen before.

There is not the slightest doubt in his mind that you could also become a Millionaire in just a few years or so with a Cash on Demand business. Everything you need to know to make it work is all laid out in front of you.

Andrew Reynolds gives you everything you need…the information on what the system is and how it works…and the tools you need to make your own Cash on Demand. Everything you need to make your personal lifestyle goals a reality.

All Andrew Reynolds needs you to do, is to have some patience and understanding that you do have to read his instructions. All you do need is to put in a little time…a little effort…and commitment.

In Andrew Reynolds words, “So tell me now, do you REALLY want to be a Millionaire?”

Let’s find out as you go through the Cash On Demand course…..

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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