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Andrew Reynolds and Getting Started on the Road to Great Wealth

April 22, 2014

Multi-Millionaire and Businessman Of The Year, Andrew Reynolds Set Up a Boot Camp at Wembley Stadium, for Students of his Cash On Demand Course. Here, One of his Students Relates Some Excerpts from this First Event…

Andrew Reynolds first introduced himself to us all, explaining that he was the guy that writes to us once a month with the Cash on Demand course. He welcomed us and said he hoped the event was going to be the most exciting, useful and profitable three days of our lives.

He told us a few things before the event really kicked off. Andrew Reynolds explained he wanted to talk about our mental attitude before he started telling us all about making money.

Apparently he was getting like 400 emails a day during the time he was setting up the Wembley event. And he went on to tell us all that an awful lot of those emails were what he could only describe as negative vibes coming across.

He told us for instance, he had a guy who sent him an email which said, “I wish I had all of the advantages that you had, then I would have make some money”. In other words, this guy was telling Andrew that it was okay for him to tell us all about to do this stuff to make pots of money, but this guy couldn’t do it, because he hasn’t got X, Y and Z. He actually said to Andrew Reynolds that if he’d had all the advantages Andrew has had, then he could have made some money.

Andrew Reynolds told us that made him a bit angry. He explained that nothing could be further from the truth. When Andrew started his business about eight years ago, he didn’t have ONE customer. He didn’t have a ready-made database of customers…who does?

And Andrew Reynolds also told us he didn’t have a product. He had nothing. He didn’t know anything about this business at all. He had to learn the stuff, the same as anybody else.

And then he repeated this guy’s words, “I wish I’d had all the advantages you had. Then I could have made some money.” That’s crap.

And Andrew told us how he started off life. His parents weren’t rich. People just assume he told us, that when you think about the Cash on Demand course and that he’s made several million pounds, they assume he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. People assume that he went to private school and led a privileged childhood.

Well, Andrew Reynolds told us all about his childhood and it was anything but privileged. But, he was so determined to change his life, that he learned all of this stuff and he’s put it into action over the last eight years and as he said, “Yes, it’s made me a multi-millionaire, but I started off with very, very humble beginnings.

Andrew Reynolds went on to tell us that all through his childhood his family had no money. He went to a primary school on the local council estate. He explained that back then he failed at just about everything. He told us he failed his 11-plus, so, he wasn’t even a grammar school boy. He failed at all of the serious subjects, history, geography, physics and chemistry. He failed all of those subjects. He only managed to pass woodwork and drawing.

So, as Andrew Reynolds wanted us to all know, he’s not some brain pot that’s been to University and got some degree or something. He didn’t start off with ANY kind of advantages.

And by the same token, as Andrew Reynolds said, it would be very easy for him to have sent emails to all of the guys that taught him saying, “Oh well, it’s all right for you. But you know. I can’t do this stuff because I’ve got all these things in the past”. He could have adopted the attitude of I came up from nothing, and that’s where I deserve to be. You know? Anybody can do that. It’s the EASY WAY OUT!

The reason that Andrew Reynolds grew up surrounded in an atmosphere of financial struggling, was because his dad had his own business, but it wasn’t successful. Andrew said he would explain why his dad wasn’t successful and how it differed so much from a Cash on Demand business. But to get back to where we were, his dad used to deliver paraffin heaters. If you were around in the 50s and 60s, you’ll remember that in the days before there was central heating, people had paraffin heaters in their houses.

Andrew Reynolds told us that his father was so proud, because he had this van with his own business name on the side. And later, his dad progressed and opened a hardware store in Winchester. And he was even in the local newspaper. There was a big heading and it said, “We have arrived.” Because his dad really did think he had arrived. He had his name over the door on a shop that was his own business.

The problem was, as Andrew Reynolds explained, is that the business model of retail is completely screwed from the outset. If you start off with the wrong business model, as his dad, you’ve got zero chance of making any money. That’s what happened with his dad. The family lived on the poverty line, because there’s no money in traditional retail.

This is why the business went all went wrong for his dad, and for many other retailers. He started on a shoestring, but the average hardware shop, believe it or not, stocks 16,000 items. Imagine a business where you’ve got to purchase 16,000 items of stock. Huge outlay, absolutely terrifying!

Then, he had to wait for customers to pop in and maybe spend about ten quid (in today’s terms) – if he was lucky. This is what Andrew Reynolds wanted us to know and really appreciate, that the business model of Cash on Demand is totally different.

So, Andrew Reynolds teaches a completely different system to the traditional retail model. But, he wanted us to know about the traditional business first, because it gave us the chance to understand the contrast.

So, he’s NOT advocating a business with wall to wall displays of screws and bolts and bits and pieces of all different shapes and sizes in the hope that what you have on display is actually something each customer is going to want…and that’s when you get a customer. You don’t have to tie up your money in such a ludicrous way.

And you’re not going to have to get up early in the morning and be at the shop, bright as a button for your customers by 9am. And you’re not going to put the ‘Open’ sign up and sit there waiting for the customers that might not arrive all day long!

And when you get customers you’re not going to fiddle around having to spend 15 minutes talking them through all the different sizes of the tools they want or maybe discussing the shade of paint they want from the paint chart only to discover you haven’t got a tin of paint in the one colour they want and so you offer to order it for them. But, nine times out of ten, they say don’t bother and the customer is lost to a competitor who does have that shade.

Andrew Reynolds says it was awful his dad was hardly ever at home, he’d be down at his shop, six days a week.

All of this is so OPPOSITE to what we were taught at that boot camp event. Andrew Reynolds said he was going to teach us a totally different business model… and he made good on his promise.

This, I have to repeat word for word, because it’s SO POWERFUL. It really got me…it really spoke to me so I’m glad that Andrew Reynolds let me tell you this exactly as he told us all at Wembley.

Andrew Reynolds said, “Why — why would you want to open a business where you’re going to go and sit behind your counter for… I mean, dad spent 25 years in his shop; sat behind his counter, looking out the same window, waiting for customers to come in — why would you want to do that? I mean, subject to any different religious beliefs in the room, you only get the one life. Why would you want to spend 25 years of it stuck behind a counter, looking out the one pane of glass to see if a customer’s passing by? When the business that we’re talking about this weekend – the Cash On Demand business – you can literally run from anywhere. My business consists of one laptop computer, and I take it wherever I’m going in the world.”

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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