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Andrew Reynolds and Creating Niche Products for High Profits

April 17, 2014

How would you like Andrew Reynolds to show you how to create an actual Cash on Demand product from scratch today?

Andrew Reynolds explains he knows a method that makes creating brand new products a simple process. The secret? You can turn old FREE products into a BRAND NEW High Profit project.

As Andrew Reynolds will tell you, that’s exactly what we’re going to do in the Cash on Demand course.

In one of the monthly Modules, Andrew Reynolds gives his students a complete Cash on Demand project idea for a £500,000 to £1million a year product! And you get it for FREE!

You see, Andrew doesn’t have the time to do this project at this moment, he strictly limits the number he does to three projects a year…profits of two for him and profits of the third for charity. So, although he knows this project is one that can be a HUGE success, Andrew Reynolds is giving it to you in this Module.

The project is not difficult. The success of Cash on Demand projects is because they’re based on providing simple NICHE information style products. Andrew Reynolds has made £30million on creating and providing these types of little niche products.

He makes a wage of over £100,000 every month and continues to make that.

All of that income is from simple niche information products, such as DVDs, CDs, Manuals, Courses, eBooks etc.

Andrew Reynolds tells his students all about his personal wealth for a reason…it’s not to brag…it’s because he wants you to understand that great wealth and abundance can come from some very simple information products.

It’s Amazing!

Andrew Reynolds knows how easy it is to source old information…whether that’s old books, audio tapes or other ….and to create new angles and brand new products. The Cash on Demand marketing system makes pulling in high profits a simple step-by-step process.

What’s amazing is that from such simplicity, such a simple business model these little niche DVDs, CDs and other products including Digital Online Products can provide you with a rich lifestyle.

As Andrew Reynolds explains he hammers on about the amazing results before starting the process of telling you all about creating new product because he wants you to fully appreciate the rewards from this.

The rewards are that marketing simple DVD or CD sets, can quickly make you into a millionaire.

This is FACT. Andrew Reynolds and many others have already become millionaires and multi-millionaires doing this. It’s fun and it’s easy. It gives you the best possible lifestyle you can imagine.

Imagine for instance, if you did this for 3 months a year and took time out for the remaining 9 months. That’s three quarters of each year spent doing exactly what you want to do with your life.

This isn’t fantasy, as Andrew Reynolds explains to his students of the Cash on Demand course, this is REALITY.

At the time Andrew Reynolds was writing the Module that follows this article, it was only a few weeks into the New Year. Despite that, he’d already made OVER £250,000, that’s a quarter of a million pounds from just ONE little niche product.

And you could easily have made the same money as Andrew Reynolds. All you needed was to have the same product Andrew had and to do with it, the same as he did, And what he did was to simply use the Cash on Demand marketing techniques. In fact, here are the exact results for you from Andrew Reynolds. This is what he made and what you could have made…

In the first 5 weeks of this year, you would have made a total of EXACTLY £344,512.00…

If you’re thinking it has got to be hard work to earn that, let me explain…

You don’t have to take any orders…package any of the product (in this case it was DVDs) or post them. You don’t even have to talk to any customers. Because Andrew Reynolds shows you in the Cash on Demand course how to avoid unnecessary work.

It’s how Andrew Reynolds does it and it’s how you can do it. You can use a fulfillment company. The fulfillment company Andrew Reynolds used for his DVD project posted out the letters, took the orders and sent out the product.

The fulfillment company did all of the administration, the nitty gritty of working bits and yet since the turn of the year Andrew’s been collecting a cheque for around £70,000 a week!

And that’s during the aftermath of Christmas when NOBODY’S got any money!

Just think about that, what was your last Christmas like financially? Did you struggle to make it a great time for your family? How magical was it, measured against having £70,000 a week coming into your bank account and what that would have meant you could do.

Imagine if Andrew Reynolds had given this product to you at the turn of the year along with the product letter and the list of targeted people to send the letter to.

You would have done the same. You have made yourself a quick £1/4 Million.

Andrew Reynolds doesn’t make this level of money simply because he creates and markets these simple niche information products. It’s the Cash on Demand system he uses, that’s all. And anybody can learn and use that system.

Andrew Reynolds finds a niche product and some targeted customers. A fulfillment company sends these individuals a Cash on Demand product as explained in the earlier Modules. And Andrew Reynolds banks the profits. Simple!

If you think about how you would spend the amount of money you can make from just little niche DVDs, CDs, eBooks and other information product formats, you will truly appreciate how amazing a Cash on Demand business is.

Suppose Andrew had given you this niche DVD product on January 1st and you had run it instead of him.

Right now you’d have £500,000 to play with! So if you had done this, what would you do now?

Perhaps you’d hire your own boat, crew and all, and take off for a couple of months, sailing around the Mediterranean or the Pacific Ocean.

Total relaxation…no hassle…no stress.

Or perhaps you’d rent a villa on the Island of Mustique for a couple of months.

Maybe you’d prefer to experience the thrill of the incredible shows and the fun of the casinos in Las Vegas. Or a trip to Australia, renting a dude ranch.

Or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of owning a second property abroad.

Here’s an example Andrew Reynolds found online. If you had sold the little niche DVD set he had, in the first 5 weeks of the year you’d be able to buy a Majestic 9-bedroom 19th century Chateau in France complete with swimming pool and massive outbuildings all set within 5 acres of ground. And you could have paid for it with CASH and still had money to spare.

Just think about it…no mortgage…no loan…you would own a 9-bedroom Chateau outright.

As Andrew Reynolds will tell you, this is NOT fantasy. Even it sounds incredible to you, the truth is everything mentioned Andrew could do right now just from those little niche DVDs.

And everything mentioned you could have been enjoying had you done the same. By now you could be on the Island of Mustique or sailing the Med or Pacific in your own privately hired boat. You could have bought a French Chateau for cash.

So, as Andrew Reynolds advises, keep all of this in mind as we look for a niche product today and when you locate niche products for yourself in the future.


It can give you a sensational lifestyle. So let’s get moving and start creating that kind of lifestyle for you now… (Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course)

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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