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Andrew Reynolds and Building a Little Cash Nest Egg

April 17, 2014

The last workshop I went to was one of Andrew Reynolds. He is a multi-millionaire who has transferred his knowledge on making money and turned it into the Cash on Demand home study course, which builds into a system that other people can follow step-by-step.

The results? People can and do achieve millionaire and multi-millionaire status by following Andrew Reynolds perfected system.

So at this workshop Andrew Reynolds explained that normally he’d show us all some pictures of flash cars and a majestic mansion. Also pictures of some boats and exotic locations. Andrew Reynolds would talk to us about the rich lifestyle.

Then he shocked me I can tell you. He stood there on the stage and said, “It hasn’t worked has it? Because I STILL get 95% of people who don’t do anything with what I’m teaching you.” I can tell you, there was a fair amount of awkward shuffling going on in the audience.

But believe me, what Andrew Reynolds proceeded to talk about got a lot of people really thinking…I know that because of the discussions during coffee breaks. Anyway it was so good I wanted to pass it on to you…

Andrew Reynolds said you need to follow the system, you need to learn and implement it. Well, casting his mind back over his own journey to Cash on Demand millions he remembers being at a fork in the road. So, he would treat us as being in the same position.

And you have two choices, just as he had about 11 years ago. He had a choice of staying in full-time employment or letting go of that and trying a different route. Andrew Reynolds told us, he had this niggling feeling there was a better way to live his life. He wanted freedom to be able to live life on his own terms.

But he questioned, “Could he achieve it?”

“Just as you are this weekend,” he said, “I was nearly eleven years ago thinking there had to be a better way to live.” But, he was nervous. Should he give up the security of what he was doing or step into the unknown?

At the time, Andrew Reynolds was working for a house building company. His future looked secure. The work was nothing like what he does today with his Cash on Demand business. It was completely different.

Although Andrew didn’t like the job, in fact he hated the hours spent stuck in queues on the motorways…he got a decent salary, nice car, a health care plan, future pension, the works really. He was looking at a nice secure future.

However, what Andrew Reynolds didn’t know at that time when he was attending a seminar, at this fork in the road time for him, that six months later the building company were bought out and they fired all the people like Andrew Reynolds. Fortunately, he had already made the decision to opt out of corporate life. But if he hadn’t, if he’d stayed with that company, just six months later he would have been going to another workshop, and wondering what the hell he was going to do now.

As Andrew Reynolds explained the job he had, there were maybe just six people in the country employed in that type of job. So, once the company had fired him from that job, he would have immediately been faced with a huge wage fallout and no chance of getting the same type of work. Andrew Reynolds reckons he would have been bankrupt in a year.

So the only reason Andrew Reynolds would have stayed at this job…for security and a good pension…disappeared completely within 6 short months.

Andrew Reynolds had made the correct decision to opt for the unknown, for the insecure route to gain a more secure position. And at that time, the big media topic was Pensions. You had Gordon Brown arguing with this other guy, the Turner report saying, “There’s not enough money left chaps. We haven’t got enough money for the pensions. Don’t know what’s going to happen. Let’s mask it, put it off for a few years, and hope the Tories get back in, and it’s their fault, right?”

So, there you have it. There’s not enough money in the pot. The Chancellor at that time was telling us this. He was telling us that when the current generation gets to retirement age, there isn’t enough money and nobody’s got the answers. Obviously we can trust the government to sort it out and look after us when we get to 65. We know they’ll have invested our national insurance money wisely and we’ll have enough cash to pay us.

Right! And pigs can fly!

They’ve solved it all right…by putting off everybody’s retiring age for another 5 years! So NOW you have to work ANOTHER 5 years before you can get your pension. A further 5 years at a job you may not like or even downright loathe.

Or, you go down the route, that Andrew Reynolds did around ten years ago, and you step into the unknown and start your own business. And you save your own nest-egg and you build your own pension scheme.

A couple of years ago in Andrew Reynolds local area, they didn’t have enough money to buy a dial-a-ride bus. It was a service run by the local authority. As Andrew explains, “We wrote them a cheque for thirty five grand for this bus”.

The bus was paid for from the profits of Andrew Reynolds own Cash on Demand business. It was one of those buses with hydraulic ramps for wheelchairs. The bus is used to go around and pick up the elderly and take them into a care centre in town.

The people Andrew Reynolds met in the care centre told him that it was fantastic because normally they would just sit in their flat day after day. They wouldn’t meet a soul. But since they got the bus, they go to the care centre where they meet other people, have a wonderful cooked lunch and do art and have entertainment sometimes as well. So, this bus has improved their lifestyle.

Andrew Reynolds mentioned this to us, because as he explained he read in the newspapers a while back that Age Concern are saying that between January and March 20,000 people will die of cold. People sat in their homes will freeze to death. You wouldn’t believe we’re not talking about a third world country would you? I mean this is what happens in Great Britain. Supposedly, one of the top countries on the planet…well it must be everybody wants to live here. And yet 20,000 people are going to die.

As Andrew Reynolds pointed out to us, it was relevant to the workshop. If you took the national statistics and broke it down to a room of this size, what those figures in reality mean, is that 125 people in this room will pass away through freezing to death.

If you retired next week, could you live on a pension? It’s got to pay all of your bills and feed you. Could you survive on about a £100 a week? Who could?

So, as Andrew Reynolds told us, even if you don’t want to become a millionaire, and enjoy the high life, at least take what we’re teaching you on the Cash on Demand course and save your cash as a nest egg for your future. Because you need to look after yourself, there’s nobody else who’s going to do it.

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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