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Andrew Reynolds and Bonuses for Proven BIG Profits

April 22, 2014

Including a Bonus with a product is a simple but very effective method of increasing your profits of a Cash on Demand project.

As Andrew Reynolds explains, a Book or Special Report bonus item is something you can easily give away.

In fact there are plenty of examples where people offer a FREE SPECIAL REPORT as a bonus. And in most cases, it’s simply a 24 page document which is really the sales letter for a back end product.

Giving away books is a proven model too. Andrew Reynolds teaches the best method for giving a free book as a bonus. You by-pass the retailers, the high street bookstores and instead you want to buy bulk from wholesalers.

But not just any book. First, it obviously has to be about the subject or connected to the subject your niche market are interested in. And also, VERY IMPORTANT you don’t want to pay much. In fact you want to pay as little as possible while still giving away a product that is of value to your customers. So, what you do is to look at the end of line books.

For instance, in a recent search on Google, Andrew Reynolds found a Special Offer on copies of ‘The Complete Idiots Guide to making Millions on the Internet’. This book normally retails at £17.95. However, the ‘remainder’ wholesalers had this book available for just £2.50 a copy. You had to order a minimum of just £100 worth of books.

Andrew Reynolds tells you about the pitfalls. You may end up with too few or too many books, so that’s a risk. However, imagine your customer getting a book worth £17.95 FREE as part of a £47 DVD set. Imagine how thrilled they are going to be, and how much value they feel you have given them.

Andrew Reynolds knows at least one author, who gives away a copy of his own book with a DVD set, which has a perceived value of about £19.99.

This is a route you can take, because you don’t necessarily have to write the book yourself. In fact this particular book, the author didn’t write himself, he had a freelance writer put it together for him. The author gets this full size paperback printed almost ‘on demand’ and it costs him around £3 a book.

From his customers’ point of view, they are all receiving a BONUS BOOK WORTH £19.99 but it ONLY COSTS the author £3 to produce. That’s again EXTRA value for customers. And this author adds a personal touch to this free gift…he signs each copy.

But here is something else that is quite amazing…

While that book is value for his customers in the respect that it is full of extra information, it is also a subtle selling tool for the back end sales. For in this book he talks about his personal coaching courses and provides websites for people to go and view. When they get to these websites there are the details for them to enrol if they so choose.

That is a method that Andrew Reynolds explains in his Cash on Demand course which is not only a great bonus but also a brilliant, sales tool for selling back end products easily and creating more Cash on Demand.

Andrew Reynolds became a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, using a technique for making money that he shares in his book, Copy This Idea.

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